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Latest Brit Roller Six Blog Post - I'm Starting to Think About the UK Fall WKO's

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Hi Folks,

Latest BritRollerSix blog post to share with you all on my little Wordpress page:

I've started to put some thought into my strategies & aims in the upcoming UK Fall (Autumn, as we call it over here ;P ) WKO Regionals and you'll find in this post my initial ideas around what I want to achieve and declare some intentions around my approach.

this is the first of UK related coverage on the Fall WKO season this side of the water on my page, including some upcoming contributions from other prominent UK players and FLGS representatives so subscribe to the blog or keep an eye out here for more content on the UK scene and the upcoming Regional & National events in good ol' Blighty.

As always - thanks for all your continuing support. Feedback and comments always welcome.