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Confusing Card of the Week #56 - Jay Garrick: Leadfoot (Reaction Synergy)

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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!

Today, we're going to take a look at Jay Garrick: Leadfoot from the DC Green Arrow and The Flash set.

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Ruling - Ability

Jay Garrick has a Synergy ability. Synergy is a keyword ability that you can use anytime you could use a Global ability, but only while the character with Synergy is active. Synergy abilities can only be used by the player that owns the character, unlike a Global that can be used by both players whether the character is active or not. Each Synergy ability could do something different so be sure to read each character's Synergy ability.

Jay Garrick's Synergy ability can be used anytime you can use a Global, as long as Jay Garrick is active. While Active abilities work as long as you have at least one of the character's dice in the Field Zone. I've heard While Active abilities compared to a light switch - it's either on or it's off.

Jay Garrick's Synergy says that you can cancel a Global ability an opponent uses by paying a Bolt and a Shield, but only if you have a Jay Garrick die in the Field Zone. This type of ability is a reactive or reactionary ability that has a specific trigger for you to use it. This means that you wouldn't use Jay Garrick's Synergy ability until your opponent used a Global ability. When your opponent uses a Global, you can react and use Jay Garrick's Synergy and cancel the Global they just paid to use. The energy they spent for the Global is not refunded. See Example One.

If you do not have Jay Garrick on a team and you take control of a Jay Garrick die, you will gain access to Jay Garrick's Synergy ability.

Jay Garrick is a Crossover Character. Crossover cards are cards that have two or more different energy types. In order to purchase a Crossover die, you must spend at least one of each of the card's energy type. Jay Garrick is a Bolt/Shield Crossover card which means you must spend at least a Bolt and a Shield energy in order to purchase one of the dice. You may use Wild Energy to purchase a Crossover die, because Wild energy can be used as any type of energy. A Crossover card's purchase cost can be reduced by card abilities (Blue-Eyes White Dragon: Monstrous Dragon), but you still must spend the appropriate energy types to purchase the dice. See Example Two and Example Three.

Note - White Lanterns in the Green Arrow and The Flash set are special Crossover cards that do not allow you to use Wild energy to purchase their dice.


Jay Garrick: Leadfoot is a Character Card and has the Justice Society of America affiliation.


Example One:
Using Jay Garrick's Synergy (can be used like a Global during either player's Main Step or during the Attack Step after blockers are declared).

~ I have a Jay Garrick die active and a Bolt energy and shield energy in my Reserve Pool.
~ My opponent pays one Mask to use Professor X's Global (they send their energy Out of Play or to the Used Pile, depending on when the Global is used).
~ After my opponent pays for the Global but before they use the ability on the Global, I tell my opponent that I'm going to use Jay Garrick's Synergy ability.
~ I pay the Bolt and Shield to cancel the Global ability that my opponent paid to use, but the ability fizzles and my opponent is not able to complete any part of it.

Example Two:
Normal purchase of a Crossover die.

~ (Main Step) After my Roll and Reroll Step, I have a Fist energy, Bolt energy, Shield energy, and Mask energy.
~ (Main Step) I spend all four energy (goes Out of Play) and purchase a Jay Garrick die (goes to the Used Pile).

Example Three:
Reduced purchase cost of a Crossover die.

~ (Main Step) I have two Bolt energy, one Wild energy, and Sidekick in my Reserve Pool after my Roll and Reroll.
~ (Main Step) I field the Sidekick.
~ (Main Step) I spend one Bolt energy (goes Out of Play) and KO the Sidekick (goes to the Prep Area) to use Blue-Eyes White Dragon's Global which reduces the cost of the next die I purchase by two energy.
~ (Main Step) I spend my other Bolt energy and a Wild energy (goes Out of Play) and purchase a Jay Garrick die (goes to the Used Pile).

Official Sources

You can find the official ruling on the Jay Garrick: Leadfoot, here.

Page 23 of the World's Finest Rulebook under Capturing, Controlling, and Copying, explains dice and card relation while being controlled.
Page 9 of the World's Finest Rulebook under Energy, covers Wildcard Energy.

Competitive Play Rating

Jay Garrick could make his way onto teams as a rogue card. He's not too difficult to use in the current competitive meta, but I'm not sure he's fast enough (no pun intended here). To use his ability, he must be active and you must have the Bolt and Shield. Using Jay Garrick on a team that also uses the S.T.A.R. Labs Global isn't a bad idea, because if you don't use Jay Garrick's Synergy, you could still use the S.T.A.R. Labs Global so you aren't wasting resources. Jay Garrick only costs four, which can be reduced. He doesn't have bad fielding costs at 0/1/2. His defense is fantastic for those hard hitting characters with Overcrush, but his attack isn't the best. I could see someone playing around with Jay Garrick and S.T.A.R. Labs Global on a rogue team, even though some meta teams don't use a ton of Globals.

Jay Garrick: Leadfoot gets a competitive play rating of three out of five stars.
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Casual Play Rating

Jay Garrick's Synergy ability could be a little confusing for newer players that don't have gaming experience. Even with explanation, Jay Garrick can still cause some confusion. He's a decent blocking character, but has a low attack on two sides. His fielding costs are great and his purchase cost is really good for casual settings. Jay Garrick's specific ability could cause him to be a wasted spot on a team too. Not all casual players use Globals the way many competitive players do. I've played casual games (and competitive too) where neither team uses Globals. Jay Garrick could be a dead card for some casual players, but he's still a good card. He's great for advanced players to use as a teaching tool for reaction abilities.

Jay Garrick: Leadfoot gets a casual play rating of three out of five stars.
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Name:	3 Stars.png 
Views:	72 
Size:	16.3 KB 
ID:	6063

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