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You choose the theme 1: Ice and Halloween

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First up we have ice as a theme. The game has a lot of characters that fit the theme in a really loose way, enough so that I didn't think I could fit all of them and still be able to have a coherent wincon. However, I did notice a recurring theme with a lot of ice characters - they're bolt energy type, and iceman gives you all the bolts you need to both push lantern ring to lethal, but also make multiple purchases in a turn - so as generic as it is the obvious wincon is Lantern Ring. Outside of that, Mr.Freeze can lock dice, Captain Cold's gun blanks cards and also provides bolts if necessary. Killer Frost is mostly a character to provide masks for PXG which we'll be using to get extra dice to turn into bolts with iceman, she's also extremely situational removal. Captain Cold can prevent blockers so Frost Giant can push his attack in, and we have ourselves a frost themed team. BACs are Res for additional ramp since we have some hefty purchases and Cone of Cold because it fits the theme.;3x137bff

Some other considerations: Bizarro and Superman both have frost powers, and Emma Frost has frost right in her name. There just isn't really enough room for all that. While the team isn't really competitive, it does have answers for things and clear goal. If you wanted the team to be more thematic you could cut Professor X for one of the above mentioned characters but I think it'd remove a lot of the team's functionality...or at least what functionality it actually has.
Second up we have a Halloween themed team, and I'd say this team is more casual than the ice team, probably. Again, couldn't really fit everything you'd want in a Halloween team because there is honestly too much to try fitting in. First auto-in was Green Goblin because of the snazzy pumpkin bomb die that looks jack-o-lantern-esque. Usually when we see Green Goblin as a character it's one from AVX, and I feel that ASM as a set is pretty underpowered but I knew I wanted this die on the team so I pondered a way to build some combos with it to make it worth including and had just about nothing but he does have one really cool jank interaction that I came up with. I'll explain it later because it's really dumb and bad and will probably not come up very often, anyway Evil Genius is in. Next we need some spoopy Halloween ramp to keep us efficient, Skeleton goes in for swarming and being on theme. Oddly enough, I noticed that a lot of the Halloween-y guys happen to be mask characters we don't put Lantern Ring in, it's not on theme. However, we do pick up Vampire because of the extra ramp potential and the life gain might be relevant for the incoming jank. So we've got ramp, we've got cool dice, next we need removal and what better monstrous removal than Talisman of Ultimate Evil? So in goes Talisman, and we need a wincon - and on theme while doing something completely ridiculous, in go some Rarecrows and some Grundys because Solomon is a zombie - so we've now filled our zombie quota and our scarecrow quota for the Halloween. When you KO Solomon with Talisman you get to KO and additional characters of theirs, if you KO Rarecrow you get to KO one of their guys and steal one. The plan is to get as much Talisman value as possible and kill them in one gigantic swing, hopefully hoisting some of their petard against them. It also allows us KO extra fielded copies of Skeleton to get our Swarm back. Also, since we've now got the best Talisman set up possible we need a way to recur it in case we can't get lethal that turn, and there is a certain witch of the scarlet variety that allows us to do that. In goes Scarlet Witch to act as a semi-thematic witch, and removal recursion. We have one last spot to fill, and what Halloween would be complete without ghosts? So lets add a ghost - we'll go with the uncommon because it can remove a blocker kinda in some really specific situations. None of the ghosts really do much of anything sadly - though the die does look really cool. We need some BACs, and we need to not die until we get our lockdown set up. First thing is first, we're grabbing Polymorph because with Green Goblin you can go straight into janktown and pay 1 life + 1 mask to spin up a character at will. Scarlet Witch also makes it so we can abuse Polymorph and put the characters we just purchased into play and not waste our time so much while also keeping the polymorph from cluttering the bag, and it also allows for it to be bad recurring removal kinda. It's not the greatest thing but it isn't nothing. Lastly, since we're going to have extra masks, we'll grab a Distraction because we should theoretically have more masks than our opponent at any given time - this does make it harder to win also, but we're on the slow jank plan so we just need to not die while we set up.;3x25avx
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  1. Jwannabe's Avatar
    Very cool teams!

    May I suggest swapping killer frost for the Coldsnap version? It makes aggro teams really second guess themselves. Inset I've Won games making them just refield a level 3 Hal Jordan over and over again. It's really good non ramping, non ko removal.