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Tournament Report! October 22, 2016 - Unlimited Constructed (Test Rules)

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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!

We decided to try the experimental test rules that have been played in other locations. We did it a little different though. Instead of playing two games, we only played one game. Players that went first were required to place one of their dice in Transit (Out of Play) and only roll three dice instead of four. Here are the results for each of the three rounds:

Round One
Player A - 2nd / Loss
Player K - 1st / Win
Player BA - 2nd / Win
Player N - 1st / Loss
Player H - 2nd / Loss
Player BO - 1st / Win

Round Two
Player N - 2nd / Win
Player H - 1st / Loss
Player BA - 1st / Loss
Player A - 2nd / Win
Player K - 1st / Win
Player BO - 2nd / Loss

Round Three
Player K - 1st / Win
Player N - 2nd / Loss
Player BA 2nd / Loss
Player H - 1st / Win
Player A - 2nd / Win
Player BO - 1st / Loss

1st Turn Player Wins = 5
2nd Turn Player Wins = 4

My Team

Click image for larger version. 

Name:	My Team 10-22-16.jpg 
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You can find my team here, on DM Retrobox.

This team is centered around using Two-Face as the win condition. He does his damage to any blockers as well as the opponent - and he does his full attack value to both. Two-Face is such a beast! Beholder is extremely handy with all the Globals I use on this team, and his stats are pretty amazing too. Elf Thief is an essential part of the team as well as Dwarf Wizard because they help me control bits of the game to help me buy time to get my Two-Face rotation set up. PXG, Blue-Eyes, Anger Issues Global, and Polymorph are also key parts of the team to help me get to where I need to be. Parallax helps a bit as well with those difficult rolls. I added Red Dragon to help me get my Polymorph Action Dice a little cheaper, but I don't feel like I needed that particular Global. I can definitely see myself replacing him for something else a bit more useful.

Round One

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Name:	Round One 10-22-16.jpg 
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I went first in round one against a Flying Ninja team. Flying Sidekick/Ninja teams always scare me a little because they can go off really fast with the right rolls. My opponent fielded a Foot Ninja very early in the game and I drew into a Dwarf Wizard right after. I was able to blank his Foot Ninja and remove that particular threat. My opponent tried to work around it and come back, but Two-Face ended up overwhelming him. This game made me realize I needed a Global to force blockers, like Giant Spider: Greater Beast. I could have forced his Foot Ninja to block and then I wouldn't have had to cycle my Two-Face back through my bag.

Record after Round One: 1-0-0

Round Two

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Name:	Round Two 10-22-16.jpg 
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I went first against this Phoenix Force Wolverine team in round two. You have to race this particular team, because if this team goes off before you KO your opponent, you're pretty much done for. Constantine is a better counter to this team than Dwarf Wizard because Constantine stops Wolverine from attacking and can potentially ruin a use of Infiltrate. I got lucky on several turns where my opponent's Wolverine didn't roll on a character face with the Infiltrate Action Die. Parallax was crucial in this game too because without the ability to reroll some of my dice more than once, I wouldn't have won this game. This game made me feel like I needed Distraction or Blink, but a Global like that could backfire on me in a big way. It would require me to work harder with my Elf Thief dice to ensure my opponent can't Distract or Blink my Two-Face back. Every time I saw a Wolverine, my heart would skip a beat. I was fortunate enough pull out the win with some lucky rolls with my Two-Face dice.

Record after Round Two: 2-0-0

Round Three

Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Round Three 10-22-16.jpg 
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I went first against a somewhat familiar Flying Sidekick team. My opponent got a Lantern Ring in the Field early and then went for Gobby and Foot Ninjas. I couldn't use my Dwarf Wizard against the Gobby dice because he would KO them using my Blue-Eyes or attack with them to keep them out of the Field Zone. I had my Dwarf Wizard ready for his Foot Ninjas if he ever left them in the Field. Gobby and several Sidekicks hit me very hard, but not enough to take me out. In a few separate attacks, my Two-Face dice with the help of Anger Issues Global were able to secure my victory! This game was definitely the closest game of the night for me. Gobby's ability plus the Lantern Ring ability are very painful. This was another game that made me feel like I needed a force blocker Global, but it also made me miss the Rip Global too.

Record after Round Three: 3-0-0
Final Standing: 1st

Final Thoughts

I love this team so much. I think I have this team close to how I like it. The only thing I might change is Red Dragon for Rip Hunter's Chalk Board Global. I had two opponents that brought it and that gave me an opportunity to test it out. I used Red Dragon's Global once tonight, and I didn't need to use it because I could have used Blue-Eyes instead. I would much rather have run Rip and been able to Rip a Two-Face or Beholder. I've thought about adding a Giant Spider: Greater Beast for his Global to force a blocker and possibly keep my Two-Face in the Field Zone. I would definitely take Red Dragon off to add Giant Spider.

I have plenty of things to try with this team. Going first meant only rolling three dice and having one start in Transit. This didn't seem to hurt me too much and I chose to go first in two out of three games. I could have possibly benefited more by going second and getting to purchase different dice in a different order, but going first meant an Elf Thief, Dwarf Wizard, or Polymorph was my first purchase.

I have tons of fun playing with Two-Face and this type of team is exactly my play style. I can't wait to try it again with some of my previously mentioned modifications.

What are some changes you’d make without changing the spirit of the team?
Have a build you like better?
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