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Deeper Analysis of the Game Part 2 Rulings and consistancy

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Deadpool. You would think opening the namesake if the set would be exciting to open.

Never before have I been so whelmed to randomly decide to buy the rest of a feed in a store and have the only Super rare be the one the set is named for.

Iíve had some mixed luck with this set so far, and some of that has come from understanding how Wizkids has made some of the rulings. And sadly this isnít a new issue.

I always feel confused when I have to figure out how a card works on a new set, and then find out Iím wrong, not because I misinterpreted the rules but because this brand new card is changed the way we think the game works.

In this case Iím talking about Lockjaw. Marvels friendliest 4 legged not human Inhuman and his Fierce Loyalty.

For those that donít know how he works: During your opponentís Clear & Draw step name a character, if that opponent draws that die deal 2 damage to each of that playerís character and all of your Lockjaw dice get +1A, +1D.

Now what I, and several others had understood about the rules any dice that where KOed as a result of this would be in the prep area at the beginning of the Roll & Reroll step causing them to be rolled as well.

Today Wizkids came out and said no you are wrong and as a result made the beginning of each turn even more complicated citing a rulebook several sets old at the time of this ruling.

Well great now Lockjaw is usable, again? Already? Now?

The entire situation begs the question. Can we get a simplified complete rule book?

I donít care if itís 300 pages. Just something. Over the relatively short life of the game obscure rulings, errata and weird interpretations of the rules have been answered, even in cases they didnít need to be.

Something needs to be done.

So letís do something.

Starting today I will be writing a clear organized rulebook for the game we all love. And I encourage your help.

Send any questions youíd like clarified or rules you think need to be addressed to and I will make sure we can get universal rulings on interactions and the logic behind why they work that way.

Take the least powerful effect is a good rule of thumb, not a good actual rule.
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  1. Jwannabe's Avatar
    I think action dice and character interaction rulings need to be cleaned up. Some things trigger on use of a die, while others deal with the effect of a die.

    We also run into how characters like beholder, ultra man, Lady Deadpool, SR Red dragon, mr. Mxyzptlk and others interact with actions.

    Some characters that cancel action die effects (or the die, confusing right?) are unclear what they can and can't affect, due to all the different wordings. We need a generalized wording system for types of actions and their counter characters.

    Also, we have imprisoned and vicious struggle that have need some blanket rulings.

    How does imprisoned's proxy effects work?

    Should vicious struggle be continuous? It seems to have its own timing window. I know there is a ruling on that currently, but if there are ever similar cards in the future it needs to have a keyword or something associated with it.

    Great article. Awesome project. Hopefully it will get a response from Wizkids or even better they will pay you for their new rulebook
  2. memmek2k's Avatar
    FYI the Civil War rulebook is the most current rulebook, not one that is several sets old. Rulebooks only come with starters. WK has decided to move away from starters for every set, which, frankly, is wonderful because I don't need another 16 sidekick dice five times a year.

    (TMNT is not considered the most current, even though it is chronologically the most recent, because it is missing key sections that do not pertain to the TMNT set, for effects such as capturing or controlling)
  3. NickROCA's Avatar
    Hello! I myself already started a compilation of rules -as i understand them, at least-based on wk rulings, with their respective links. It's about 40 pages long already, but it's in Spanish (I'm writing it for our community of players here oh Chile).
    The problem i see in wk rules is not systematic, it's a rather simpler problem: the ability to clearly state a rule in the precise words. I know that because here in my country the legal system works a lot more like a tcg/ccg system of rules, that requires complete coherence within said system, as a lawyer I am used to detect flaw in how rules are redacted.
    Well, at least that would the main problem (i was just as stunned with lockjaw's ruling). And let's add that they evidently avoid giving clear explanations about the deeper more complex mechanics of the game. For instance, uptil now they never answered me the actual reason why every while active ability applying simultaneously when a character is fielded, but applying blanks first and KOs after, even when a player may arrive to their own conclusions -I myself have my own view as to how to understand it-, that doesn't exempt wk from clearing that particular point up.
    I don't know how wk works out their ruling issues, but as, you just said we urgently need a more accurate and more comprehensive rulebook.