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Making a UXM Constructed Team From Scratch: Part 2

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So Iíve played some games, editing my Uncanny X-Menteam from last week, letting it evolve. It looks so totally different than it did a week ago. But Iím really happy with how it turned out. Letís go through the steps.

First off, Toad Mortimer Toynbee, Kitty Pryde Ariel, and Cerebro Cybernetic Intelligence are STAPLES of this team. They can really keep your opponent from building up any kind of force. I doubt those three are not going anywhere.

Moving on, we have Emma Frost Hellfire Club. I realized sheís way too situational in UXM. If we include AvX sheís pretty useful because of the popularity of Hulk Green Goliath and various Black Widows, but at 5 cost, sheís just not reliable enough to merit keeping her around. I like her Öbut not exclusively in UXM. Sheís gone.

Mister Sinister Nasty Boy is next up, and I havenít had to use him much, BUT he really is the perfect counter to someone using a complete Nasty Boy Villains team. He stays.

Namor Atlantean isnít worth it. I also kind of forgot that Cerebro CI can knock out a die. Not a character, a die. That includes action dice. So I donít need Namor for that. He was actually the first person cut from the team.

Red Hulk aka Rulk staysÖ for now. I found myself having a lot of energy about once per game, and Rulk was a good character to spend it on. If thereís another 7 or 8 cost character that I think could give me end game capabilities, then I will make the switch. But for now, Rulk works well with Toad and thatís good enough for me.

Professor X Recruiting Young Mutants stays, but not just for the global, oh no. We could actually purchase and field Professor to draw some Sidekicks. But why do we want Sidekicks? Well...

After looking over some things and making observations during gameplay, I noticed something: Transfer Power is so totally underused. Opposing Pyro, Black Panther, She-Hulk, and even Professor X, Magik, and Iceman (after theyíve had their A and D values switched thanks to Ant-Man) all have high attack power. The global on Relentless makes it so characters cannot block. Masks have always been popular control/manipulation type characters, and itís no different here in UXM. Psylocke Kwannon the Assassin is popular because she can provide cheap mask energy and potential character removal. As long as I have a Sidekick in play, and Iím sitting on a shield energy, it doesnít matter if you make my Sidekick unable to block; Iíll just switch its attack value with your level 3 Black Panther. I donít have to block you. I can merely make your attacks deal less damage and get your characters off the field.

So, I need some shield characters and I need to get Sidekicks in the field. Meet Angel Air Transport. When he is fielded you may field a Sidekick from your used pile. This is perfect. Now this poses a question: With having Angel on my team that fulfills a serious role, and has a TFC of 1, and has the X-Men affiliation, is there any need for Kitty Pryde Ariel? No. No there is not. Kitty Pryde is gone.

Here's someone else that can help our Sidekicks:Falcon Recon. He makes our Sidekicks unblockable. All we need is a couple unblockable Sidekicks with a newfound attack power thanks to Transfer Power, and we could be looking at game, set, match. Personally, Iíd probably still stick with purchasing Angel early on. Also, the strategy with Angel is to attack, attack, attack. Heís either getting through and doing his low damage. You can switch his attack power with Transfer Power to deal more damage, or he gets knocked out to be rolled again next turn. Remember, we need Sidekicks and shield energy for this strategy, and Angel can provide both. And if we have Cerebro on him, heís also knocking an opposing character out when heís fielded. If your opponent is using Cerebro Supercomputer, expect them to use it on Angel the first time they roll it.

We have one roster spot left. In the comics, I hate Namor. I always have. Heís a pompous ass. But dangit if his cards are useful in this game. None of his 3 versions will win you a game, but they are great support pieces. Enter: Imperius Rex. Angel is the only 3 cost shield character in this entire set. Yea.Thereís a few 4 cost, but this Namor is the only 4 cost that will also help us get some Sidekicks to the field. With this team relying on Sidekicks mostly to be the target of the Transfer Power global, I could see this Namor working out well. If Iím out of shield energy and need some blockers, I have no problem sacrificing all of my characters except Namor, because I know Iím getting 2 Sidekicks right back. The same goes for attacking. Sure, Iíll send everyone except Namor to attack, because I know Iíll at least have a couple of blockers for next turn thanks to Namor. I donít know if Iíd buy him before my Angels are all bought up, but the option of the extra source of shield energy is nice.

And I need a basic action. UmmÖ which one will hurt me the least? Posession. No one ever buys Posession.

I still operate this as a Response Team, reacting to what my opponent has, but this way I have some lethal force of my own. The one type of team itís difficult to steal attack power from really is a Super Sidekick team. But my Toad and Red Hulk can effectively keep that in check. And if my opponent tries to sit on their own shield energy to undo whatever attack values I swap, then thatís less energy they are using on their own characters or other globals. Win. I still call this my Response Team. Not only am I responding to what characters my opponents brings before I decide my plan of attack, but now Iím relying on them to bring some heavy attack power and using it against them.

Relying on Transfer Powerís global is a different enough strategy to fulfill my itch to fight the tide of the current mainstream popular gaming meta, but it still gives me a puncherís chance in most games. I know this isnít the BEST TEAM EVER!!!, but itís fun to play, and throws something at your opponent that they arenít expecting. Give some thoughts down below. Next week I will go a little more in depth as to the best way to play this team, and purchase order, and stuff. That's right, "and stuff". As always,roll on.
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  1. Dr. Blasphemy imported's Avatar
    I've created a similar team using a good portion of the characters mentioned, just different versions. It's a pretty mean set and seems to works for almost every situation, since they all combo off each other in some way.

    The other BAC you could use is Feedback. You might not be able to get Red Hulk out early, but with this it a good substitute.

    If you would like me to post my team I'll be happy to.
  2. Chris imported's Avatar
    Let's see it, Dr. B!