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Team Sealed Format

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So Stuart, aka TheConductr, told me about an idea to do a team sealed Dice Masters event a while back. I took his idea to the guys at my FLGS, they liked it, so we got it scheduled. We played at Ground Zero Comics in Tyler, TX last week.
The setup: 3 players register as a team. At the event they get 45 boosters, open them as a group, and build the best 3 teams they can from what they get. Then the teams decide who is A, B and C. The team gets paired against another team and A plays A, B plays B, C plays C.
So let's just get this part out of the way: Deadpool is a bit of an underwhelming set in my opinion. I've heard that opinion from others, and it's not really suited well to Rainbow Draft in my opinion. It wasn't great for this format, but this report is about our event, not the Deadpool set.

So we had five teams register, our shop gave a discounted registration fee to teams that paid in advance, and because of how much product this format requires, I'd recommend something similar if you try it out at your store. My team sits down to open our boosters. I gave everyone 45 minutes to open and build before I announced pairings.

So we start sorting our cards, looking at what we had to work with. Wolverine Lord of Vampires and X-23 Super Rares, and 88 other cards to look at. Shout out to my team, Dan Olejnik and Matt Warren: fortunately they were both more familiar with the set than I was, and had lots of excellent suggestions. We didn't get the good Bob, we got half of this good combo, none of the cards for that combo, etc. We started to see a few things that might work, putting together groups of 3-4 cards, and eventually we were deciding who was going to run which team. We had a kind of control, knock stuff out team, a Deadpool affiliation team, and an Inhumans combo with what we hoped were some good tricks added in. I'm playing the Deadpool affiliation team.
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Oh, our team? We named it Dice Another Day. We all wore tuxedo t-shirts, and had plastic martini glasses to roll our dice from. We were super classy. We got paired up against our first team, The Three Diceateers. I played Adam, he got three sidekicks in play early, and attacked before I had blockers. The rest of the game, the only damage that actually got through was from me fielding Deadpool - Mmmmmm Chimichangas... Because of the nature of this set, the whole game was a stalemate, and that initial 3 damage was what won him the game. Like I said, not an awesome set for the format. Dan won his game, Matt lost, we lost round one.

Round two we get paired against E.V.I.L. (Every Villain is Lemons). I play Carter, he got the good Bob: so all his Deadpool characters have fast. Mine do not. Pretty easy to guess how this is going to go. Carter wins, I did my best not to make it easy for him. My teammates didn't fare so well either, we lost this round.

Round three we're facing the Great Lakes Champions, I'm facing David. Very laid back, very close game. By now I've figured out the best strategy I can against the good Bob, and some of David's dice really seem to hate him. We have a great game, best of the night. In the end I beat him by just a couple health. My team did better this round, so we went 1-2 for the night.
We awarded prizes to the first place and second place teams, and the black art Deadpool cards were given as spirit awards. My team, being the classiest around, won the spirit award.

After the event, I'd say that everyone enjoyed the format. It was an interesting way to build a team: this is the best card, who gets it. Do we put all our power on one team or spread it around. I really did enjoy that aspect, and playing as part of team really appealed to me, even though I was arguably the weakest link on the team.
What would I do differently? I'd have planned this with a set we were more familiar with, not as a set that had just come out. With a set like Faerun Under Siege or War of Light I think this would be excellent. The format is solid and fun, most of the problems I feel like came from the set itself. When the next cohesive, draft friendly set comes out, we will definitely be repeating this format.

If you want to run this at your store, I'd recommend the following things:
Get your players to preregister so your store knows how much product they need. Prepayment would be best.
Pick a set that is familiar to your players.
45 minutes seemed like a good amount of time to open and build, none of the teams actually took the full time, and I announced pairings about 5 minutes early.
Don't use Deadpool.

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  1. Danigis's Avatar
    It was a great format, but totally agree with the comments of the set. Looking forward to another go with a more manageable set.

    And Dice Another Die 4 Life...