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Christmas Dice Masters!!!

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We played a Christmas themed tournament tonight. The feedback was pretty positive and it was a nice change from the "same old - same old" stuff we normally play. The inspiration for this whole thing stared with a Halloween custom action card that I saw on one of the Facebook Groups (I wish I could remember who that was to give them some credit... my apologies). I decided that with Christmas coming up, I would come up with some Custom Action Cards myself, and well the whole thing kind of snowballed from there.

The players were told to bring a team of 4 cards (with max dice for each card) and 1 Basic Action Card for the evening. That is all they knew going in, except that they would have a full team of 8 cards and 2 BAC's. I thought a little Christmas surprise would be fun. To be fair, myself and those who helped with play testing had their teams made for them by other players. So, we all had an element of the unknown going in.

But, enough about that. On to the Christmas stuff. Here is what we all played with:

Special Christmas Action

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Name:	Secret-Santa.jpg 
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ID:	6538

This was meant to just be goofy fun. It was a 5th Action Card that was used in every game. Trading dice with your opponents? Yes please. I got lucky when I had a chance to use this when I gifted my Sidekick for a Grodd.

Basic Action Cards

At the start of each game, the player who went first chose one of these actions and the second player chose another. Every game, these actions could change depending on what the players wanted. The other BAC that the players brought had to stay the same though.

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Name:	Snowball-Fight.jpg 
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I only got to use it in one game and it turned out to be during the winning blow. I know others had some fun with this.

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Name:	Bah-Humbug.jpg 
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This guy was very situational and never really came into play for my game plan. However, if you were getting stuck with tokens (more on that later), this offered a good way to move them around. Not sure what others thought of this one, but it had some play.

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Name:	Gift-of-the-Magi.jpg 
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This was the money shot. The global worked almost too well, but was super fun. Again, the action itself was very token-centric and I didn't see the dice being bought a whole lot. You want a decent prep option though, this gave it to you. Did I mention that I love this global?

New Affiliation: Holiday

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Name:	Santa.jpg 
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You knew he would be here. I personally really liked this character. He could get nice and beefy and punished the naughty people who were causing damage. I tried to buy him as soon as I could.

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Name:	Mall-Santa.jpg 
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Honestly, when I found this artwork online... the whole project kind of blew up. I knew what this had to be. Good cheap attacker who can help clean out the bag and get buffed in the process. Easy enough to get rid of as well when he is coming for you. He was always an early purchase for me.

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Name:	Krampus.jpg 
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With Santa in play, we needed the Anti-Claus. The more naughty everyone was, the better Krampus was. I never got a change to do some damage with him, but I did get to see some action in some other games. A nice little piece to deal with Santa problems.

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Name:	Scrooge-1.jpg 
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Now, this was the most interesting piece of the puzzle for me. It was feast or famine with him. He either rewarded you or (more often than not) screwed you over royally. It was actually hilarious using this guy. I got burned by him multiple times, but also got to be on the receiving end of the other player getting screwed over. Honestly, I really liked this guy for pure goofiness. What goofiness am I talking about? Well, let me introduce you to Scrooge's other forms:

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Name:	Scrooge-2.jpg 
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Name:	Scrooge-3.jpg 
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Name:	Scrooge-4.jpg 
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Future seemed to come up ALL THE TIME... and it was funny each time. Also, these cards gave the authentic WizKids experience as it was pointed out there was a type-o on the cards. Dammit! I thought I checked all those. Ah well... Felt like real Dice Masters with that in there. I am not sure I am going to fix it to be honest.

Oh, and we had one of the players dye some dice for this and we were able to create a special die for Scrooge.

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Name:	15387430_10153836875876377_1051477710_o.jpg 
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Overall, this was a really fun change. It definitely changed how the game flowed and you had to think about things a little different. Now the door is open to add some new characters for future Holidays.

Thought I would share our Christmas Dice Masters event with you.


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  1. pk2317's Avatar
    Love it! Super-creative and must have been a bunch of fun to play
  2. Son of 'L's's Avatar
    It really was a lot of fun.

    My one minor complaint was that there were a lot of text intensive cards here that the players were expected to start using on their teams with next to zero notice.

    I understand Jourdo wanted to preserve the surprise, but there was a lot to take in there, and I think I, at least, made a bit of a hash of it.

    Overall, I still enjoyed the event very much.

    I think my favorite moment of the night was when I used Secret Santa when my opponent had his rare Mr. Mxyzptlk in the field - I wound up with two of his (non-sidekick) characters on one Secret Santa action (although he did get one of my non-sidekicks).
  3. Nepsilon's Avatar
    This is brilliant, fantastic job to everyone involved.
  4. IsaacBV's Avatar
    Nice job!