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More Card Reveals for D&D Dice Masters!

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Hey guys. Weve got a treat for you. Some of the cards forD&D; Battle for Faerun Dice Masters were revealed in a video from The Dice Tower (all pictures have been pulled straight from their video). Lets dive right in!

Blue Dragon Lesser Dragon
I really like this Breath Weapon ability. When it attacks, you can pay 1 energy to deal 1 damage to everything across the table. This is a great endgame ability when you rush for that final attack to pick off any would-be blockers. And his active ability to deal 1 damage to all characters whenever you use an action die is great. Being a dragon, he has decent stats. If you find yourself playing an all dragon team, its pretty likely that most of your characters can withstand the damage he deals. That art. I love the idea of the Blue Dragon just opening his mouth and letting the lightning erupt out in all directions. And he can be a first turn purchase. I know he doesnt provide any real ramp, but he does provide a certain amount of board control early on. Plus, you could always knock out your own NPCs (Sidekicks) with his ability to get some extra dice in your prep.

Orc Greater Humanoid

A 3 cost character, with the potential for some great ramping with the Swarm ability. His stats top out a little weak. 1 cost for a 3A 3D on his level 3. But he looks cool, as most of these cards do. I really like his die as well; such a traditional orcish silhouette with the visible lower jaw. High marks for this one. Another good potential first turn buy, with an energy to burn on a global.

Resurrection Basic Action Card

I dont know if I love or hate the global on this. I used Silver Surfers global in AvX SO much. (Pay 1 shield, lose 2 life, draw a die and place it in your prep.) This card does the same thing, for the same energy, without paying life! Then theres the action itself. I like the actions where nothing happens on the burst sides, because you know what youre getting. Its very easy to plan for. This is especially useful since you can use it to move a character you just purchased. Maybe a little thematically off, since things that die go to your prep area. It might be better if you could move something from your prep right to the field. But Im not sure how effective that would be. At 4 cost, I dont know how often it will be purchased, but Im sure itll see play for that global alone.

Finger of Death Basic Action Card

Dang. 5 cost. Very cool though, especially if you are playing a team that can spin down characters to guarantee that level 1 character. I just realized that we are seeing more and more cards that can reduce the cost of basic actions. This could be perfect for that type of team. 5 cost is too much for your opponent to spend on it, but if you can reduce its cost by 1 or 2 energy, then this could totally be worth it. I like the wording, prep area. It keeps when KOd abilities from triggering. And as with most of these cards, it looks great. Really enjoying the art on these. Most of them are leaps and bounds better than anything in Marvel so far (but dont let any of my comic book friends know I said that).

Zombie Lesser Undead

Well, I know what Im buying on my first turn. 2 Zombies. They are great blockers with a low TFC. And if they get knocked out in combat, they might come right back in to the field. I like the card with the bust shot, and how the die faces look like they use that exact zombie pose as well. A+ for consistency Wizkids! I like a lot of these characters, but this is the first one that Im like, Oh yeah, that guys going on my team. Just the cost, the look, the ability. I really like this one.

Limited Wish - ???

Sorry guys, this is the most clear image I have. But check this out. Its an action card, with no energy type. To my knowledge this is the first non-basic action that doesnt have an energy type. In the video, Tom explains, "Limited Wish - Action. Name a die, your opponent then draws a die from their bag. If it's that die, return the die to the character card."

So, what do you guys think? Sound off in the comment section below.
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  1. Dr. Blasphemy imported's Avatar
    Blue Dragon doesn't state what you have to pay (card error). It could be 1 life. Paying 1 energy sounds too cheap a price for the amount of damage inflicted. Also it being 1 life makes it relate to it's Active ability where it does 1 damage to everybody's characters. This card's powers look to reflect how uncontrollable it is to have a dragon on your team. It does damage to everything.

    It seems best way to use this card is when you have about 7+ more life than your opponent, so you be a jerk and use Breath Weapon 1 to widdle down his health since it doesn't hurt you as much.
  2. Nate Smelley imported's Avatar
    It may not be card error, it might state in the rule book what you have to pay to activate the effect. But I don't know that for sure since I haven't seen the rule book.
  3. Jared Wood imported's Avatar
    The Breath Weapon ability text on the card is more of a reminder than anything. It specifics exactly what you have to pay (1) and how much damage you'll deal to everything (1). If you notice, it doesn't even mention the requirement to attack to make it function. All of the specific details on how this named mechanic work are described in the rulebook for this set.
  4. Jared Wood imported's Avatar
    Here's a link to the rules from D&D;, as found on

    Page 17 has the bold-faced abilities with their full explanations.
  5. Lysergicka imported's Avatar
    Storage cases ordered: check
    Starter & Playmat & exclusive card ordered from local shop: check
    My first game of DM using current sets: check
    super fun experience: check
    Patience for D&D; release: blissful agony. thanks for the coverage folks, this is rad.
  6. Trevor Williamson imported's Avatar
    Man, Wish is going to be one hell of a card.
  7. Horatio imported's Avatar
    I love the Zombie - exactly what a low cost character's ability should be. It's simultaneous ramp and defense.
  8. Stephen Mitchell imported's Avatar
    Okay, initially I didn't want to get any Dice Masters outside of Marvel and DC, but these cards are increasing my interest. I really like the mechanics.
  9. Unknown imported's Avatar
    I hope they have an expansion coming with Drizzt, Elminster, etc. It seems kind of a waste to have the Forgotten Realms license and then only use generic monsters/adventurers.
  10. Ben Bailey imported's Avatar
    So what's the difference between the regenerate ability and the card text on the zombie? It looks exactly the same! Wouldn't have been easier to just use the keyword?
  11. Dave imported's Avatar
    Zombie is only in the attack step, so you can't sac it to BEWD and regen it.