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Dice Chuckin' in the Twin Cities

Reverse Life tournament

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This is a tale about creativity and getting schooled by a 10-year old.

We had a "Reverse Life" tournament this last weekend. The change in the rules were relatively simple - instead of starting out at 20 life and going to 0, each player started at 0 life and the first person to reach 20 life won. Just as you cannot go over 20 life in a normal game, you could not take damage that would put you below 0 life in this format.

Team building for this format was quite fun - there are actually a lot of cards to choose from! I saw several Constantine: Trinity Wars, I saw a bunch of Iron Man: Philanthropists, I saw some Vampires. Some people brought Pizza, others brought Long Live the Resistance, some brought Heroic Defense.

My team was mainly centered around Iron Man (when he takes damage, you gain life) and using Static to trigger him. This worked quite well normally, as Static avoided the need to rely on globals. As a secondary, I also threw on a PowerGirl/Steel combo, but I only got that to go off once.

Another team was a Sidekick/Ally team built around Heroic Defense and Red-Eyes B. Dragon - he'd build up a wall of sidekicks and the dragon, play Heroic Defense, attack with the dragon to KO all those sidekicks and gain 20 life in one turn with Heroic Defense.

Yet another team was centered mostly around the AvX Beast and a force attack global, with one other clever addition.

And here we come to where I get schooled by a 10-year old girl.

We start off the game, and her first purchase is Lyssa Drak (at the start of you turn, name a character. Your opponent must pay 2 life to field that character). Nice, I think, good way to keep my life low while she gains her way to 20. A couple of turns later, she has Lyssa out, calls my Static. I roll Static, but I'm not worried - at this point, we're both still at 0, so big deal right. I go to field Static, because I can't go below 0 life.

"You can't field her," she says. "She says you *must* pay 2 life to field it, and you don't have 2 life to spend. So you can't."

I look at her, letting this logic sink in. Then I had to redirect my mental energies to prevent myself from responding with "Oh, sh*#, you're right!"

From that point on, I was locked down. If I did manage to squeak one buy and field it somehow, she'd just force it to attack into her Beast, or even let it through if necessary.

This was a LOT of fun, and I recommend it. Certainly makes you think about cards in a different way!

(Full disclosure, we did exclude Wolverine: Lord of Vampires just because it was a SR that would be harder to get/proxy.)
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  1. Jthomash2's Avatar
    What a great idea. Epic play by the young lady too. Can't tell you the number of times my daughters see me doing something in a game and they'll work to counter it just so I can't do it (easiest recent example is building trains in ticket to ride - they cut me off at every chance they get!).

    Sounds like a fantastic event. Thanks for sharing!
  2. IsaacBV's Avatar
    Amazing idea, we may have to steal this one!
  3. jourdo's Avatar
    We ran this format last year and I thought it was ridiculously fun. I cannot remember my whole team, but so know the core was SR Ultraman, Kryptonite, Zemo (for Kryptonite cycling), and Long Live the Resistance. There were lots of Jinzo's at this event if I recall.

    That kid was brilliant with Lyssa. I will have to keep that in mind if we ever do this again.
  4. Yort's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by jourdo
    We ran this format last year and I thought it was ridiculously fun. I cannot remember my whole team, but so know the core was SR Ultraman, Kryptonite, Zemo (for Kryptonite cycling), and Long Live the Resistance. There were lots of Jinzo's at this event if I recall.
    I was expecting to see more Jinzo, and the team that did bring him did quite well - unfortunately, I didn't play him! That's why I had brought Static to ping Iron Man, so I wouldn't be relying on globals and actions. In hindsight, though, I should have brought something more punishing for actions and globals myself. I almost brought the recent rare Storm for actions, but didn't have it, so had to settle for Batman. Which was fine, but took a lot more to get out. Since I didn't really need globals, though, I should have brought Oracle or Jinzo myself to punish those (like the Red Eyes B. Dragon team) who needed them.
  5. TrueMisterSix's Avatar
    I love this idea - I'm totally going to suggest it down my FLGS - I reckon the guys would love it. Thanks for sharing...
  6. Prozac's Avatar
    Awesome. I'll look to steal this as well.
  7. andyinrichfield's Avatar
    Here's the team that won (sorry for taking so long):
    Actions were: Brother Fights Brother and Heroic Defense
    Ant-Man - Pym Particles (1 die)
    Beast - Bouncing Blue Beast (4 dice)
    Blue-Eyes White Dragon - Monstrous Dragon (1 die)
    Giant Spider - Greater Beast (2 dice)
    Jinzo - Trap Destroyer (2 dice)
    Lex Luthor - Legitimate Businessman (4 dice)
    Mystical Elf - Everlasting Support (4 dice)
    Thanos - Courting Death (2 dice)

    The idea was to get the Thanos (5 cost immediately because I started at 0 life) as fast as possible and then continuously use the Lex Luthor fielding ability. Thanos plus the force block (Giant Spider) was my means of character removal as well.
    Beast plus force block is pretty obvious.
    Then Mystical Elf and Blue Eyes.
    Lots of combo options and Jinzo was added to prevent globals and actions (Pizza) that I assumed most opponents would use to at me a little at a time.

    I ended up using Mystical Elf in every game, Thanos in a couple of them, but Lex Luthor and the Blue-Eyes global were the superstars.