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Latest Brit Roller Six Blog Posts 10th Feb

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Hey folks,

It's been a pretty busy Feb on the BritRollerSix blog with yet more content added since my last update to y'all.

First up we have the second part of my interview with Jake Scott, volunteer TO at Patriot Games in Sheffield:

Secondly, we a little commentary peice from me, in which I discuss my recent experiences dipping my toes in the water of Star Wars Destiny, comparing the games, and considering whether Destiny is a risk to my local scene:

Finally, and probably the one you've all been waiting for, I have a special guest post from our current standing UK Champ; Ben Said Scott, with his overview of the first U.K. WKO 2 this season - outlining his winning team and the rounds he played:

I hope they're of interest - please enjoy.

If you have the time I'd really appreciate if you'd take a moment to rate the posts and add a short comment in the blog's comment section - let us know your thoughts on the posts & the blog in general.