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Helping Your Local Store – The Modified Hybrid Constructed Format

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From a Gaming Store’s POV, any event that makes them money (i.e. moves product) is a good thing. However, in many local Dice Master scenes, players who have been in the game for a while have almost all the cards they want, so they aren’t buying older product. Sales stagnant and the Gaming Store may begin to lose interest. Also, some (I’d say most) players want to test their team-building skills so, outside of newly released sets, Constructed events are preferred over Draft events. The Modified Hybrid Constructed format may help with this situation.

To review, a Hybrid Constructed format is part constructed and part sealed. A player brings four cards and two Basic Action cards, then uses booster packs to fill out the rest of the deck. In a Modified Hybrid Constructed format, each player purchases 8 to 10 booster packs from any of the sets available, in any quantity from each, in your store. They then have some choices to make in constructing their final team:

(1) Use the card they purchased, allowing the player to place up to the max number of dice on that card,


(2) Exchange up to 4 cards they purchased with any card from their collection, only the exchanged card must be from the same set and the same rarity as the purchased card. The player may only place 1 die on the exchanged card. You can increase the limitation by having character cards exchanged with only character cards and action cards exchanged with only action cards.

Example: you purchase a booster pack from the Faerun Under Siege set. You get a common Ghost. You can keep the Ghost and place up to 4 dice on it - OR - you can exchange that card for a common Elf Thief and 1 die.

Now a savvy player can purchase booster packs from several sets and exchange them with the more powerful cards from those sets. However, having the exchanged cards match in rarity and that several of the “meta” cards are from starter sets or are Rare/Super Rare limits this tactic. You can also reduce the number of exchanges (to 2 or 3) or place conditions on which Basic Action cards the player can use to help with this situation.

But the main purpose of this construct is to help your local store sell older product while providing your players the opportunity to still exercise their team-building creativity. Who knows? Your players may also discover a card combination they never thought of.
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