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Broken: Cost and Team Building

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I've been TOing Dice Masters at one shop or another since Avengers vs. X-Men came out in April of 2014. I've seen one store close, one group die out, and fought to keep my current group alive and thriving. In a game with missteps and delays, some disappointing sets, and at times a seriously unbalanced meta: it's not an easy task. I've seen players quit over the Jocasta ruling, Bard spam, personal differences, or shiny new games coming out they'd rather play. I'm not badmouthing the game, I'd bet that any game you can walk into a shop and play will have similar problems and just as many players on the edge of walking out and never returning to an event.
All that to say, I love this game. I love playing this game. I want to see it thrive and have a group and space that I can play this game with others. (also, thank your TO at the next event, because there's so much more that goes into events besides just doing pairings and answering rules question)
So one of my recent attempts to keep the game fresh was my idea to do Broken Events. The idea is that for this specific event, we're just totally breaking a specific rule or game mechanic. I fully intend to keep doing this from time to time, and have gotten great feedback and ideas from other players to keep this going.
Broken: Cost
This was our first Broken event. The idea was that all purchase costs are split in half, rounded up. When people started asking questions, I decided to further clarify that we were treating the halving like a static game effect either from a Global or a Basic Action. That meant that you could half it first, then use Big Entrance to make it even less. Imagine the possibilities...
So I built a team I've used several times and love very much, but it's always too expensive to be effective. Iron Man, unblockable War Machine, heal me Rescue, SR Iron Spider, add a couple control cards and Phoenix Force for fun. That was the idea, take things that are just too expensive to be playable, and make them playable. We had a mostly TMNT team, I think an Avengers team, and then the Beholder team that had just won Regionals. Not exactly what I'd envisioned when I brainstormed the event, but of course half price Beholder was incredibly effective.
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A shot of Dan and Andy's game

This brings us to last night's event:
Broken: Team Building
Here's the instructions I posted for the event:
"Each player will build a team of ten characters, 24 dice, and two basic actions. Please sleeve your cards in a distinct way (color, theme, etc) and have a team list filled out. It can be a scratch sheet of paper or on your phone, just so you have a list. Other players may be handling your cards or rolling your dice, so don't bring your favorites or Super Rares that you wouldn't want others using."
So that's all I told them. I got questions like:

"What does that last sentence mean?"
"Are we playing Doubles? Why is someone else going to be using my cards?"

I just told them to take it at face value, and follow the instructions. What I didn't tell them is that once they got to the event, I was going to be taking all their cards away, shuffling them, and dealing them back out so that we could draft. I added in one booster per person from Deadpool, just to add one more layer of interestingness to the event. If you drafted my Common Vixen I brought, you got all four dice that I brought for it.
My Team I brought:
PXG, Rip Hunter, Green Goliath, Swarm Kobold, Wasp Bio-Electric Blasts, Guy Gardner Blinding Rage, Overcrush Grodd, Lockjaw, Common Vixen, Luke Cage Bulletproof, Betrayal and Splinter's Teachings
So everyone arrives, and I start telling them what's going on. I see one Nick Fury and the Avengers team, one Spider Allies team, one team of literally all Super Rares, one of all common cards: there was a great mixture. I'd also filled in the other TO, and asked him to kind of seed the draft with some good Globals that would make the event more fun.
My Team I ended up drafting:
Iron Man, War Machine (not the one I thought I was getting), Nick Fury, Captain Marvel, Ronin, Zatana, PXG, Betrayal, and I can't remember the other two.

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the group scratching their collective heads on how to draft this way

It was awesome. I'd get handed a stack of cards that four out of six cards were excellent, and I wanted all of them. Then my next hand I'm passed is 5 garbage, useless cards. There was a lot of chuckling, a lot of "Who brought this card?" In more than one game I saw a player field a White Lantern. Everyone was positive about the event, all the feedback was we should do this again. One player suggested I should just list a normal event, get everyone to build their teams for Prime or Modern or whatever, and then tell them it's a draft when they show up.

So the moral of the story is Try New Things. Break the game, don't get stuck on any particular formats or cards. Surprise players with events you schedule, teams you bring, strategies you use, etc. I am really looking forward to our next Broken event: Multi-verse. We're allowing multiple characters with the same name, as long as they have different dice. Thanks for reading, and if you're in East Texas, get out to Ground Zero Comics in Tyler for some gaming!


  1. Danigis's Avatar
    As someone who attended both events, I highly recommend introducing something like this to your own group. It was a lot of fun and introduced me to some cards I would not normally consider playing.