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Building A Local Scene – Mirror Match-Ups with a Master

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Imagine a scene in a local park, where there are several tables each with a chess set and a seated player intensely studying the board in front of them, and one person standing over a chess board. This person moves a piece on the board, then proceeds to a different player’s board, repeating the process. It’s a situation where several players get a chance to play against a Chess Master.

A similar approach can be taken with Dice Masters.

How many players wish they could try-out their ‘Tier 1’ teams against a seasoned veteran? One of the best ways to test such a team is to have a “Mirror Match” against such a veteran player.

In many stores, there is usually the ‘local champion’ – a person who has successfully competed in a sanctioned tournament, or who is an above average player, i.e. they win most of their games. Many of these competitors also have complete, or near complete, collections of the cards and dice.

Have one of your game days be where this ‘elite’ player plays against your team, using the same cards & dice. I understand this would be an encumbrance, but many veteran players are open to promoting the game and seeking new challenges to enhance their game acumen.
Those players wishing to participate should send their team-builds to the Dice Master 'Master’ player a few days before hand – so they can assemble the necessary teams. This precludes having to bring several boxes and binders of materials to the game location. You can set-up the event in WIN as usually, though the Dice Master would play each applicable player in a mirror match.

You, the player, get the benefit of exercising your team against a seasoned player who may uncover a different way to effectively play this team or a weakness you did not foresee. The ‘Dice Master’ player gets to help other players in their team builds and broadens their experience by running several different teams in a short period of time.

This does require more work during your normal game night on the part of the Dice Master player, but you may find this to be a productive experience for all participants.

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  1. Jwannabe's Avatar
    cool idea!