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Game Empire (San Diego) PDC Prime Store Championship After Action Report

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We ran our Prime Store Championship last night at Game Empire here in San Diego. We had 7 people turn out - which I am happy with because had to change to a new location about a month back. There were a fair number of the same ramp pieces (Multiple Man & RHC Global for instance) but overall the win conditions had a pretty decent variety.

Quick run down of my team Ultraman/Kryptonite team:;3x28imw

The core is playing Kryptonite while Ultraman is active to trigger all 4 BAC. Mine giving me some more dice (hopefully with more kryptonites) and some direct damage.
Cold Gun I never bought but was there in case I needed to wipe someone's text on my opponent's turn before they attack with something crazy.
Static was there in case I need to deal with Iron Will characters or ping off something annoying. Only bought him 1 game but he came in handy in that one.
Ronin was there to stop some huge overcrush or unblockable attack.
Merlyn was to make sure I could get a bolt when needed and a backup win condition.
Renet was there in case I miss a roll or other less than ideal condition. Rip her and try to get that die again the next turn instead of cycling it back through my bag.
Rip Hunter's Chalkboard was there just for the global.

My general play was turn 1 Rip a Kryptonite. Turn 2 buy Ultraman. Turn 3/4 get Ultraman in the field and start getting the rest of the Kryptonite dice. Where needed get Static/Renet/Ronin to buy the time I need to get my win condition going.

Round 1 - Tim;3x29imw

He went with a couple of Nitro's his first turns while I followed my plan of Kryptonite. Turn 2 it came up action side twice so I repeated turn 1's plan and was feeling behind. Tim started setting up a wall with Nitro and sidekicks over the next turns while I got Ultraman out. I forget his next purchase but I think it was Rescue. Once my Kryptonites starting coming out I knocked him down pretty quick for a win.


Round 2 - Dennis;3x56hhs

His plan was to keep my field thin with Lockjaw and Static. Then pound on me with Shredder. He was not getting any decent rolls most turns. He did get Lockjaw and Static out while I was getting Ultraman setup. He named my Kryptonite every turn after that doing 2 damage to my characters but I just had Ultraman and Ronin out most of the time so neither were going out from the 3 damage (I was careful not to reroll more than 1 if it would take out a character I needed). He bought Shredder fairly early and then it rolled energy about 6 times in a row for him. If not, it might have been different as I would have had to deal with a large attacker but as it was I got my plan setup and was able to finish him off without taking much damage.


Round 3 - Raul;3x30cw
Raul and I were the only 2 people 2-0 so we knew the winner was going to take the event. We had said at the start if there was a clear winner after 3 rounds we would end there otherwise we'd run a 4th round to make sure there was a clear victor. Looking across the table I knew this had the potential to be really tough. Going into the day Dormammu was probably the thing I was most had to worry about as it stopped my primary win condition down cold. Still it was a fun match with some friendly jabs being given on both sides.

I started off ripping a Kryptonite and he ripped a Multiple Man. Turn 2 Kryptonte came up action twice and I had no bolts. So I ripped a Ronin. He bought Dormammu. Turn 3 Ronin came out on level 3 and ripped another Kryptonite. He grabbed some more Multiple Men.
Turn 4 I was able to buy Ultraman finally but Dormammu came out on level 3. Somewhere in the following turn or 2 I bought a Static and he bought Two-Face and Nightwing. Sitting here a day later and I don't recall why I bought Static, but I recall there was a reason for it. I also purchased the rest of my Kryptonites. I got 1 kryptonite combo in there but then pulled just sidekicks and that ended that turn. He pulled Two-Face and attached with him and Dormammu. Ronin was KOd to absorb the unblocked Two-Face and I let Dormammu through so that Ultraman would not get KOd - taking 8 damage but knowing I had 4 Kryptonite in my bag with 3 sidekicks. I pulled the 3 sidekicks and 1 kryptonite. The kryptonite came up action and he took a few damage, and I drew the remaining 3 Kryptonite dice from my bag as he did not want to KO is last character. All 3 rolled action and that was the game. 3-0

Having to keep my field at just 2 characters when I wanted to use action dice was a challenge but I was able to manage it since Ronin was there as a threat to absorb anything when needed. There were times I had 3 or 4 but I made sure it was a sidekick I could turn to a bolt or Static on his level 1 side so he could KO himself if I new I would have Kryptonite coming next turn.

Teams other people brought but I didn't get to play against:

Jeremy =;3x26wf;3x26cw
He was at the other end of the table most of the night so I did not see much of what ht was going for with this.

Melissa =;3x31cw
She ended 2-1 and was rocking the mostly pink/purple team. There was a lot of Electra getting ripped over to attack unblocked. Medusa to block whenever she wanted to clear something with Bane's global to get the attach she wants.

Shorty (my son) =;3x34imw
Foot Ninja with overcrush is a beast when you have a couple Wongs and Alfreds out there.

Overall, it was a fun evening and everyone seemed to have a good time - although I'm probably a little biased as I have a shiny new mat sitting here next to me I am really looking forward to seeing how Prime format evolves as more sets release. I know a few people had looked at BatFamily teams before going with what they brought. After the new Batman set I expect those will make a showing.

Ultraman/Kryptonite is really strong in Prime right now, and has a lot of ways you can came it work with various BAC. I suspect that once Batman set hits it will drop in strength a little between BatFamily gets stronger and any potential BAC/Villain hate.
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  1. Jwannabe's Avatar

    That was a great workaround for Dormammu. A guy I play test against loves Ultraman, and I use Dormammu to mess with him Your setup is very uniquely able to deal with him as opposed to the Frontline variation.
  2. agentj's Avatar
    Nice team. I ran similar but used rare felicity smoak not Renet. I found in testing not rolling ultraman or kryptonite was painful. That extra reroll is huge.