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Dice Chuckin' in the Twin Cities

Welcome to Dice Masters in the Twin Cities!

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Hello there, and welcome to the Twin Cities Dice Masters scene! If you are new to Dice Masters in general, here are a few things you should probably know:

Holiday Schedule!

Fridays, Level Up Games, South St. Paul, 6:30pm
Dec 1 - Dec 8 - Dec 15

Modern Constructed
Tuesdays, Level Up Games, Eagan, 6:30pm
Nov 21 - Nov 28
Dec 5 - Dec 12 - Dec 19

SIDEKICK NIGHTS! -- This winter there will be more events just for beginners. No cost, but you get cool swag, including a brand new "Sidekick card" that you can't get anywhere else!

1) First off, we have an awesome local community of players. While we do have some competitive tournaments, most events are more causal, and everybody is happy to help new players learn the game. You should absolutely come to a gathering at one of the local stores, it is by far the best way to figure out the game (and make new friends!).

2) You will see two main types of events happening: Rainbow Draft and Constructed.
  • Constructed
    Constructed is where you build your team from the cards and dice you have and then play against other players of have done the same. Sometimes there are themes to follow or challenges to complete. If you're a new player, though, just come - we have extra teams that you can borrow to learn the ropes.
  • Rainbow Draft
    Rainbow Draft is a format in which you come to the event and pay an entry fee (typically $10 or $15) to receive a certain number of booster packs. Everyone then opens those packs and "drafts" a team from what was opened. If you're not familiar with the Draft format, just come join us and we'll walk you through it - like many games, it makes more sense once you actually do it the first time.

3) Most of our communication about upcoming events, discussion about the game, or just general questions happens on our local Facebook page. Join us at Twin Cities Dice Masters. You can also check out WizKids' official event page and search for Dice Masters events. In general, though, you can typically find weekly games at the Games by James in Burnsville (Tuesdays and Thursdays), Games by James in Southdale (2nd and 4th Wednesdays), and at lease a couple of times a month on the weekend (usually Friday or Saturday nights) at Level Up Games in South Saint Paul.

Hope to see you soon!

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