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Vs System 2PCG Spoiler! *Cyclops* and Mister Immortal

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ID:	7655More spoilers for Monsters Unleashed!

We have a couple Champions-affiliated Supporting Characters for you today. But - first things first! What's this new blog about?

Well, in short, we created the username @TheRecruitStep as a place to keep our VS blog posts separate from the front the Dice Masters content. Why The Recruit Step? Well, we need to name out subgroup for VS something. And since we are still moving from casual to somewhat competitive, we figured The Recruit Step conveyed the idea of just starting out. We ourselves are recruits, so to speak. So, yeah here we go. The Reserve Pool presents, The Recruit Step: VS2PCG Coverage.

We also want to take a moment to thank Upper Deck Entertainment for giving us the opportunity to be a part of this. You guys rock!

Alright, Letís get in to the spoilers!

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ID:	7656*Cyclops*

So, Cyclops is one of my favorite comic book characters of all time. I was excited when I saw we would get the chance to spoil him. THIS version of Cyclops is a bit different from the one you may be familiar with. Some time ago the original teenage X-Men (Cyclops, Beast, Angel, Iceman, and Jean Grey) were brought forward in time to the present day. For a while, all 5 of them stuck together, but eventually they grew apart. Young Cyclops was rattled by the adult version of himself he saw: the extremist, post-Avengers vs X-Men storyline Cyclops. So, young Scott Summers broke away from his X-Men and joined his space-pirate father, Corsair, on an adventure across the galaxy. He eventually came back to Earth and joined up with the Champions, as we see him here.

He costs 1 to recruit, is 2/2, has range, AND a super power that can distribute a -1/-1 counter on up to 3 opposing characters. I love this. On your first turn he can either be dropped in to the same row as your MC for a team attack, or put him in the back row behind your MC to be protected as a ranged attacker. His Trigonomic Blast is great for clearing a couple of 1 DEF characters, or softening bigger characters up just enough the get stunned.

As far as Champions MCs go, he doesnít help *Hulk* or *Ms. Marvel* out very much. But, *Spider-Man* and *Viv Vision* both love this guy. First, Spidey loves all mantle characters. If you drop this Cyclops down turn 1, your MC Spider-Man could have 2 XP right out of the gate. With a team built around mantle characters, this Cyclops is great. Viv Vision would get 6 XP from Cyclops hitting the board, only being 5 away from leveling up. Edit: I misunderstood Viv Vision's Level Up power. She would only gain 2 XP from Cyclops coming in to play.

Outside of the Champions faction, I was looking to see what other MCs might like to see *Cyclops*. I keep coming back to the Femme Fatales and Enchantress. With Cyke having 2 ATK, a way to put a -1/-1 counter on something, and being a candidate for Enchantressís Imbue with Power ability, she could easily get her XP through him on her first couple turns. I just wish their abilities to place counters used different locations. Staying with the Femme Fatales, Viper could be great to hit the board a turn or two after Cyclops. Let him lay the groundwork with -1/-1 counters on up to 3 characters, then Viper could come in, use her Poison Darts super power to place two more counters, then let her Succumb to Poison ability double all the -1/-1 counters.

The elephant in the room is Tim Boo Ba who shuts down all 1-drops. I think the popularity of Tim will really hinder the presence of *Cyclops* competitively. Otherwise, I think this is a great economy card that gives you a lot of options for its cost.

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ID:	7657Mister Immortal

He is the leader of the Great Lakes Avengers, who became the Great Lakes Champions, who then called themselves the Great Lakes Initiative, but were ultimately still the Great Lakes Avengers. I guess putting them on the Champions faction is a nod to their Great Lakes Champions days. Being from a Great Lake state myself, I really love this group of misfits. Mister Immortal has the power of immortality. He does not age, and if he is fatally wounded, he is instantly healed. His character has always straddled the line between being a bit of a joke and being a legitimate hero. If off beat super hero shenanigans are your cup of tea, I highly recommend looking up the Great Lakes Avengers.

He costs 5 to recruit, is a 7/4 with only 1 health, no range or flight, but both of his abilities give him serious staying power and board presence. His passive ability is simply Immortal. When he gets KOíd, you may shuffle him in to your deck. His super power, however, is where he really shines. Instant Resurrection: use a green when he gets KOíd, and immediately put him back in play. If heís protecting a back row character, using Instant Resurrection to keep him alive and protecting could be the difference between losing, and getting another turn. His 7 ATK is great, and really lets him be used offensively as well. You can send him to his death attacking an enemy character, sitting on a green location to keep him in play past combat.

I donít really see him being particularly more effective with any Champions MC over the others. His main advantage is being able to get KOíd, while not sacrificing board state. Itís a useful ability, I just donít see any MCs, Champions or other factions, that can utilize that through any other means. Thereís not really ANY character in the game, MC or SC, that gives you an advantage for KOing one of your characters on your own turn. Itís nice to tuck that in your back pocket, so down the road when we get a card that rewards you for KOing characters, Mister Immortal could be the perfect combo piece.

If youíre playing from behind, he could be the perfect character to buy you an extra turn or two. If youíre deadlocked, he can allow you to put a 7 ATK character that can come out swinging and stay on the board. If youíre already ahead he can seal the deal, with his refusal to let your opponent start gaining momentum. Heís useful in many scenarios, pretty straight forward, but not really having much synergy with other cards we know of yet.

*Edit* Ah-ha! I found a card that works with Mister Immortal. The Femme Fatale Plot Twist, Dramatic Entrance. Play Dramatic Entrance, put Mister Immortal in to play in place of a blocker. His 7 ATK is an unwelcome surprise for most oncoming attackers. If he gets KO'd, he can go back in to your deck for free, or back in to the field for a green. You can use Dramatic Entrance and with a green location, you can keep Mister Immortal on the board without having to pay his recruit cost. AND you saved the character you were able to remove from combat.

So, now itís your turn to sound off. I found multiple Femme Fatales cards that work with the Champions SCs we spoiled today. Is there any other obvious synergy between Champions and Femme Fatales? What do you guys think? Will either of these spoiled cards have a place in the competitive meta?

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