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Passing Priority

Play Dice Masters at Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA!

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I will be hosting quick play events at Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA.

On Saturday, September 2nd at 1pm, three types of Quick Play Events will be offered.

Golden Age, Constructed - $3.00 each
Modern Age, Constructed - $3.00 each
Rainbow Draft - $12.00 each

Each match winner will receive a foil pack and a previous OP prize card.

Details are located here, Dragon Con Gaming. Just search under "Game System" for "WizKids/NECA Dice Masters". Signing up for the events in advance will let me know how much prize support to bring to the con.

Memberships (conference badges) are still available. Right now, Saturday Only badges are $50.00. One is required to play in the Dice Masters Quick Play events.

I hope to see some of you there.


PS. A special shout out to my FLGS, Meeple Madness for agreeing to provide the product and prize support.
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