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Vs 2PCG Spoilers Continue: Triton and Quake!

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ID:	7680Hey now, welcome back to another article from our fledgling effort, The Recruit Step, where we talk about another favorite game of ours, Vs 2PCG from Upper Deck!

If you still haven't given this very fun card game a look, I encourage you to do so. Since it is a 2PCG instead of a traditional CCG/TCG, everything is a fixed set and there is no rarity. Even just starting with the base box offers a lot of fun and a refreshing amount of deck building possibilities that you don't always see in these fixed-set games anymore. It's a blast, whether you are playing at the kitchen table or decide to hit up the big tournaments at places like Origins and GenCon.

The Monsters Unleashed spoilers continue this week and once again we have to give a big thanks to Mark from UDE for giving us the opportunity to contribute to spoiling this set. The lot of us have been following all of the spoilers as they've been trickling out and, well, it's pretty exciting. I can't wait to see what's in store next!

But let's not get too ahead of ourselves - because we do indeed have some more cards to spoil! It's our turn to dig in to the Inhumans! And don't forget, this expansion is going to be on the shelves at GenCon this August and available in wide release after that. It's not that far away and the hype is real. Let's get to it!


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ID:	7678Everyone, all together now. In your best impression of “Lee-rooooy Jenkins” let’s say her name together. Daisyyyy Johnson!

Daisy’s ability is creating vibrations - some large enough to create earthquakes; others small enough to cause Wolverine’s heart to explode. If you’re following the Marvel Cinematic Universe, she’s been a central part of the TV show, Agents of SHIELD. Her character has gone from hacktivist to SHIELD agent to Inhuman fugitive (like Robin Hood) back to SHIELD agent.If NBC’s Agents of SHIELD over utilizes her powers of creating vibration waves in the air for chucking enemies against the wall, it might be in part because of how thematic and cool that is (or maybe because it just keeps them from painting the team into a corner on some missions). And this ability is the very same - pay a green location and push everyone against the wall.

Do you want Fing Fang From to just kill everyone? Here you go. Are you having trouble getting to ranged characters on the other side or are you interested in getting rid of front row defenders? Why not just push them all back? She’ll only push SC, but if you can wound a front row MC, you’re all set to tackle anyone in the back row. With Medusa MC, you can keep them there. With Captain Swain the ability is free. And with a 5/5 body with 2 wounds, she can stick around.

I really like how thematic this ability is, let alone how useful it might be. If you’re building Inhumans, you might need her. Flight as an ability has not been very common for Inhuman characters. Blackbolt MC/SC. Crystal MC. Perhaps some recent spoilers this week that I’ve missed, but that’s it so far. Instead of having flyers to get over the front row, the Inhumans just call on Quake to shove everyone back.


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ID:	7679I'm far from an Inhuman expert, but one thing that I know about Triton is that is incredibly agile underwater. He acted as a scout in his youth, and also enjoyed exploring the depths of his ocean home. Is it any wonder, then, that his ability has him searching the depths of your deck for the card that he needs?

I see him as a means to help you find the right tool at the right moment. This comes with a pretty meaningful cost, as all of the Inhuman Main Characters save Black Bolt use red for their super powers. It's possible that you are sacrificing more than that location to pay for his power, but also for future uses of your MC's super power. Still, his ability to pull out five cards and take the one you need means that he could be a utility piece almost anywhere. There are lots of ways to make that fit in.

Plus, there are a lot of cards in the game - both MCs and Supporting Characters - that have you draw some number of cards, take one, and place the rest on the bottom of your deck. How about following that up with this power? It's potentially expensive, but if it gives you the combo pieces that you need, it may be well worth your while to do so. Some of these are existing cards, like The Queen or Professor X, but others will be in this same box set. See, for example, Viv Vision. The shuffle that he provides can also be valuable in cases where you know what is on top of your deck and want to change that up.

Hey, this set is looking more fun every day! How do you feel?
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