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How to stream your Dice Masters games on YouTube!

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Recently, a friend and I decided to start filming dice masters games that we played over google hangouts and streaming them on YouTube (Shameless Plug:

Several people have asked me questions about the intricacies of how to do this, so I thought I would put together a little guide with what I have learned. Here's what I know:

To start with, you'll need a YouTube account. That seems like the most obvious thing I could say, but even if you already have one you should consider making a new one specifically for the purpose of streaming your games. That way you can have people subscribe to it without them having access to your personal account - maybe you don't want to share your viewing history with everyone on the internet! You'll also have a new gmail address which will get all the notifications from this account, so you can keep it separate from your personal email.

You'll also need software to capture video with. I use Open Broadcaster Software because it's free and I had heard some popular streamers mention it so I figured it was good enough. You can find it here: This software will capture what is on your screen and send it to YouTube for you, as long as you set it up properly. Download and install it.
When you first open it, it will ask you to run the auto-configuration wizard. Here's what it will ask you:
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You don't have to stream video, you can record them to your computer and edit them or do voice-overs if you want. I chose to optimize for streaming.

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The wizard is using my default monitor resolution, which seems to be the right call

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If you want to use a different service besides YouTube, here is where you decide. I don't have much experience with the other services but I imagine the next step is pretty much the same.

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Here is where you tell the software how to stream specifically to YOUR account. Time to head to YouTube to find what you need -

You may have noticed that YouTube just changed its layout a bit, so this information is accurate as of September 2017 but may not be forever. Here is how you find your stream key:
Go to YouTube and click on the icon in the top right corner with your account name to get this menu, and click on Creator Studio:
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On the left side of the screen you'll see a menu, click on Live Streaming:
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Go all the way to the bottom of the page where you will see this menu:
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Your stream key will not show up until you hit Reveal. Anyone who knows the stream key can stream to your YouTube account without your permission, so make sure you never show it on stream or reveal it anywhere public!
Hit Reveal and copy your stream key so you can paste it into OBS where we left off:
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Ok. Now your software knows HOW to broadcast to your YouTube account, but it still doesn't know WHAT to broadcast. You need to tell it what to capture. That is taken care of by the "Sources" box at the bottom of the screen:
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Click on the "+" to get the menu of options:
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There are a lot of them! I honestly don't know how most of these work, but Display Capture will just capture whatever is on your screen at the time. If you have multiple monitors, it will capture your main display, allowing you to have stuff going on in the background. You should see an infinite recursion as your display duplicates itself forever.

At this point, you're basically good to go! If you hit the "Start Streaming" button on the right side of OBS, you will broadcast whatever is on your screen to the world!

Before I go, here are a couple of things you may find helpful:

  • If you only have one monitor like me, you don't want to show the OBS window during the stream. Go to File -> Settings -> Hotkeys and assign a Start Streaming hotkey and a Stop Streaming hotkey. These will work as long as OBS is open, so you never have to show the window while you are streaming.
  • By default, YouTube records all live streams so they are available to watch later. If you are experimenting with setup and testing, make sure to go to Video Manager and delete any streams you don't want people to see!
  • Finally, after all this effort, you'll want people to see what you have! It's surprisingly hard to find the link you need, but on the Live Streaming page, scroll all the way to the bottom and you'll find the link on the right side of the screen:
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And there you have it! Set up your camera, call a friend on Google Hangouts or Skype, and share your games with the world!
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  1. TrueMisterSix's Avatar
    Top notch guide man.

    Amdy & I have talked about video content and this was just what I needed to get started. Thanks very much.
  2. Red21126's Avatar
    The great thing about streaming is the games are usually 25-30 minutes and everyone explains what they're doing for the camera. It's a great learning resource! I watch at least one of these a day killing time at work.
  3. jourdo's Avatar
    Great information! Thanks for sharing.