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Yu-Gi-Oh Starter Set Review

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Part two of our Yu-Gi-Oh Dice Masters release coverage! Chris provided us with a great unboxing - now we take a closer look at the starter set. For those new to the game, Dave gives a quick turn order synopsis at the end of the video.

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Further coverage is coming this week - including a sealed deck game played with Yu-Gi-Oh cards as well as an unboxing of the gravity feed! Keep it here!
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  1. Dave imported's Avatar
    If you're going to do a sealed deck game, I would recommend going with 8 characters since it is unlikely you will have max number of dice on the monsters you select.

    For the past week or so I've been watching the first season of Yu-Gi-Oh with my two sons. It's been fun and a good laugh. At least now I have an understanding of where these monsters and basic actions come from. There is actually some thematic elements in the dice masters game, such as using Baby Dragon and Time Wizard to get Thousand Dragon.

    My two sons and I participated in a Yu-Gi-Oh Rainbow Draft a few days ago. It sure was fun sorting out the dice to match their correct card. It was fun to play with the new set. The winning team basically just spawned 1 cost Morphing Jars and 2 cost Lily Heart Fairies faster then you could get them off the field. Yu-Gi-Oh will be fun to play around with, but I'm really looking forward to the upcoming D&D; and DC sets.

    -The 'Other' Dave
  2. Dave imported's Avatar
    Hello, Dave!

    Too late... we already played it! I suppose in hindsight it makes more sense but... oh well.

    It's definitely possible to go full weenie with this set, but there are plenty of combos that stick out to me.

    I heard about the Time Wiz/Baby Dragon/Thousand Dragon thematic-ness and I dig that. I just wish there was a teeny bit more of that.

  3. Andy imported's Avatar
    The dice colors look really good. It is a shame some of the cards could be a little better, but hopefully that is not too common with the other cards.