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Tournament Report: WKO Maryland

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On Saturday, November 4th, my son and I took a drive down to Maryland for our region's Fall WKO.

My team:;3x56hhs
This Brotherhood Infiltrate team is fueled by Mimic copying my sidekick and Captain America providing a reliable way to field sidekicks. The ability to blank two cards (via Blob and Shriek) was great but I would've loved some removal but I just ran out of card slots. Scarlet Witch was my MVP because every team I played expected to boost their damage output from Cosmic Cube but this card just shuts it down like you guys have stated. One card I was not anticipating to see was Doppelganger-Living Fractal. This card really shut down Mimic, slowed my team substantially and was directly correlated to a loss.

My son's team:;3x51hhs
The combo of Storm, Cosmic Cube and Momentum was something my son feel in love with and built this team around. He decided his form of ramp would come from Hush being knocked out when Alfred is active, RIP and Resurrection. Bishop proved to be his MVP due to the crazy amount of direct damage in the current meta and Cockatrice just simply works for him as reliable removal.

My son played extremely well against some strong competition and seemed to always be rolling characters and the correct combination of energy he needed. Most importantly, he stuck to the plan of what he should do when he runs into a competitor's rare Bishop; buy Merlyn. During one of his matches, he never bought Storm, bought a couple Merlyn while keeping his bag thin and just cycled them as fast as he could to win. He had this team dialed after playing numerous iterations of this team daily before school for the past month leading up to the tournament and it showed. His team was fluid, concise and his style. As a ten-year old and on his third trip to a Wizkids event, he won his first WKO and I must say he did it very humbly too. I was a very proud father on that Saturday.

Thanks for reading,
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  1. gkpon66's Avatar
    Congrats to your son. Good on him for learning his team and how to play it. Something I know I forget to do sometimes. Keep on rolling!
  2. pk2317's Avatar
    Thanks for the report and congrats to your son!
  3. memmek2k's Avatar
    Congratulations, that's great!