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Tournament Report: Our own unofficial WKO - Madrid (Spain)

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As this year we´re not having any fall WKOs in Spain, our friends from decided to organize an unofficial one this past Saturday, so we can have our big Modern Dice Masters tournament and test our skills in this new meta environment.

I started this write up as a forum post to show the Rare Collector/Nobby team I put up together as it ended working really well, taking me to the first place. Then I got the suggestion to make a complete review of the tournament, so here am I.

Let´s start with my team:;3x27fus

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It was based in the combo of Nobby + Rare Danger Room. The idea was to field Collector and buy Danger Room, once you roll the action, field a Nobby with Collector for tons of damage. Got Mimic + Professor X global for ramp and also to crowd my field with sidekicks to increase damage when Danger Room rolls with Nobby. Got Shriek and Cold Gun to protect my win condition and also the Danger Room global to remove the annoying opponents Shrieks, Scarlet Witches or Madame Masques if I roll enough bolts as they´re all villains. Finally I added Bishop for protection against teams with big non-combat damage potential. BACs, Resurrection for some bag management and ramp before I get Mimic running or if I miss him and Blink Transmutation for protection as I won´t be attacking much, also to avoid possible taunt globals.

We started with a 4 round swiss, 30 minutes games, best of 1. This will make the cut for a Top 4 to determine the winner. All of the participants were very skilled players and except a couple of Bolt Ring teams all the rest were very different from each other, so this was looking tough but really fun.

This were my match ups:

- Iñaki (Sound4wave): Guy Gardner + OP Wolverine/Colossus team:;3x32imw

Iñaki played this team the week before in a tournament and won with it, I wasn´t paired with him that day but I saw the team and knew it could go really aggro and get me in trouble with those heavy hitters. I started taking some big damage from his Wolverine, but after that I managed to control him the time enough to play a Norman + Danger Room for lethal damage as by then both fields were quite crowded.

- Andrew (Myr): Captain America team:;3x27fus

I knew this team quite well, I read about it and I´ve been discussing it with Andrew during the week. He is an awesome pilot, so I knew this one will be a tough match, and so it was. He managed to get his Captain early into play, and with his Mimic ramp, next turn rolled a bunch of energy to force block my Mimic, pump Cap with Cone of Cold and distract him back hitting me for around 12... I knew I was in real trouble but I had been able to prep a Bishop so if I roll it I could buy some time to build my game or counter him, but Bishop rolled energy twice... meaning a painfull death in Captain America´s hands next turn.

- Bere (Bere): Bolt Ring team:;3x55hhs

Ring team, what else could I say that it hasn´t been said yet... And adding the fact that any team in Bere´s hands become an instant threat this will be a challenge. We started setting up our pieces and control elements while I was able to get Collector and field it, but Bere managed to blank it with Shriek while putting the Ring on the field, now the clock starts ticking... As I already had Danger Room I went straight to Nobby and forced Mimic ramp to make sure I roll both in the same turn. Meanwhile I got some big Ring damage, but finally I could get the roll to make a final blow with Norman + Danger Room.

- Almudena (Alsanz): King Black Bolt team:;3x28sww

Another player that I fear, but love to play against. She´s a really good player and we always have super tight matches, also this team can kill you really fast! It was a different KBB build without SR Katana and more control pieces, as she said it adapts better to her play style. During the game we both were able to get what we needed fielded, while trying to disrupt the opponent´s game. Finally I was able to play Nobby + Danger Room for lethal.

WIth a result of 3-1-0 I was into the Top 4. We went all together to have lunch and then back for the final rounds.

In the Top 4 we played 50 minutes games, best of 3.

My first match was against Andrew´s Captain America that crushed me in the morning, so I wasn´t feeling very confident. It was a really tough match, we ended 1-1 and the time ran over. We were given the chance to play a full third match to determine the winner and we agreed as seemed the fairest thing to do. Seeing how long our previous games took, I decided to go a bit more agressive into Nobby, which went well for me, winning the game and moving into the finals.

Almudena also made it into the finals beating Iñaki, so facing KBB again. In game one I made a big mistake, I had more or less the control on the game but didn´t realized that she had a Cube in the bag, so I blanked her Shriek with mine to prepare for my killing blow next turn instead of her KBB, thinking she won´t be able to kill me... She rolled the Cube with six energy meaning my instant death. I was able to win game two with a big Nobby blow and moved into third and final match. This one was very tight getting around each other control pieces to be able to slip damage. I went chipping damage with Norman until I finally could get a final blow, but it was a really close game.

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I was very happy how my team performed. Rare Collector is such a good card, he is like a Swiss Army knive, so many uses, could field characters for damage but also could field some key control pieces in your opponent´s turn such as a Shriek or a Bishop to save you from dying that turn. Also Nobby + Danger Room is completely bonkers... Mimic ramp is huge, I think it was on every team but 2, many times we ended taking some burnt damage because of the overdraw you can have... The spot I had doubts with was with Bishop´s one. I was between him and Scarlet Witch, I guess it depends on the local meta, but finally I decided to go with Bishop, as a 5 purchase was not too much with Mimic and could protect me from more threats than Scarlet. I am happy with my choice.

We really enjoyed the tournament, we all knew each other and they all are very skilled players so the games were fun but thrilling. It was very nice to see how many different teams there were. We all agreed that now the meta is at a great point. Below you can see also the teams of the other participants I didn´t faced:

- Javi Mateo (Avi):;3x27fus
- Jorge (Jorch9):;3x27fus
- Sergi (ronin1982):;3x33sww
- Guille (Willas):;3x55hhs

Thanks once more to for making this possible, Generación X Carranza for hosting the event, WIzkids Spain for the extra prize support and to all the players for making this community so great!

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  1. IsaacBV's Avatar
    Excellent write-up! Looks like it was quite a fun event!
  2. archivist's Avatar
    Gran resumen. Agradable ver a mas mujeres jugando Dice Masters.

    (Great summary. Nice to see more ladies playing Dice Masters.
  3. TrueMisterSix's Avatar
    Hey - thanks for this - I've been playing around with Villains lately too, although you did way better with your build than I did with mine. LOL