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UK WKO Extravaganza!

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Word up fellow Dice Master-ers,

I know I've not been keeping these summaries up, and it seems like the BritRollerSix blog is all about the podcasting lately, but I assure you we are still as content rich with all the news & info on Dice Masters over here on UK shores.

Of special note is all the WKO info for our Fall Season of events, with all three England based events done and Scotland's on the way this coming weekend.

Here's a comprehensive set of links for y'all to all the team lists & tournament reports for your reading pleasure...

Southampton WKO

Team Lists:

Tournament Report - Andy England:

Tournament Report - Ben Said Scott:

Manchester WKO

Team Lists:

Tournament Report - Ben Said Scott:

Tournament Report - Mine:


Team Lists:

Come back later in the week for the Nottingham tournament reports & next week for info on Scotland's WKOs.

Happy Reading!

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