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The Twelve Wanted Cards for Christmas (2017 version)

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Here we are - a year later, and what a year it has been for Dice Masters. It's time for an updated Wish List for Santa of the 12 cards I'd like to see next year. But before I get to this year's list, let me recap the wishes from 2016 that the Elves worked (at least in part) to fulfill (spoiler - it was a 'lump-of-coal' year, less than 50%):

1. When fielded, remove the affiliation from one character until end of turn until end of turn.
While not exactly what I wished for, I would say this one was fulfilled with Danger Room - Flame-Throwers and Rotating Knives.

5. While active, remove the keyword ability from a target opposing character.
There wasn't one card that could be applied to all keyword abilities, but we did have some that targeted specific keywords:
Heavy Armor BAC (target loses Overcrush)
Professor Zoom - Out of Time (target loses Fast)
She-Hulk - Ain't Easy Being Green (target loses Intimidate)
Two-Face - Two Sides of the Same Coin (target loses Fast and Regenerate)
(now we need some to target Attune and Infiltrate)

6 & 7. Basic Action (5 cost): Remove one unpurchased Basic Action die from the game. (Dice removed from the game are no longer available for purchase.) -AND-
Basic Action (6 cost): Remove one opposing Action die from the game. The opposing Action die does not need to be active in order to be removed. (Dice removed from the game are no longer available for purchase.)

Both of these abilities are close with The Collector - The Power Primordial – call this one fulfilled.

12. While active, opposing Half-Elf Bard character dice cannot attack.
While there wasn’t a specific card with this tongue-in-cheek ability, this version has been banned in Modern.

And now, here's my Twelve Wanted Cards for Christmas this year.
1. Nothing exotic, just bring back some form of direct Action die removal, like Constantine - Antihero's ability.

2 - 5. Count this as 4 wants. New card type - locations: these would be cards that give some minor benefit or penalty (e.g. +1A/+1D to characters of a certain affiliation or limit the damage from characters of a particular affiliation); each player brings one location and the player who does NOT go first gets to choose which location will be used. You could also have certain Action or character abilities that can swap a location. (Yes, I know this is similar to another card game based on a popular Sci-Fi story from a galaxy far, far away...)

6. If Faerun Under Siege is rotated out of Modern, bring back the Global Ability on Blink-Transmutation.

7. Still would like to see a Continuous action die with an affiliation symbol on it that can be played on a character die, granting that character die the applicable affiliation, especially if we have Location card types.

8. A card with a purchase cost of 10 that, when fielded, does 10 damage to target opponent. (This die must be purchased. It cannot be brought into play by any other ability and its purchase cost cannot be reduced.) Max Die = 1. I call this the Super Bruit.

9. Reprint the Blue-Eyes White Dragon global: Pay [1 bolt] and knock out target character die you control to reduce the cost of the next die you purchase by 2 energy.

10. When fielded, target Sidekick die you control gets +3A and is unblockable if you have two or more other active Sidekick dice. I call this the Kamikaze.

11. When fielded, you may place a Basic Action die from your Field Zone, Reserve Pool or Prep Area onto this <character name> card. Each Basic Action die on this card gives +1A/+1D to all active <character name> dice. Once you have 4 or more Basic Action dice on this card, <character name> dice are unblockable. (Basic Action dice placed on this card are Out of Play).

12. The Invisible Woman - Susan Storm ('nuf said).

Happy Holidays
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  1. pk2317's Avatar
    Good article (again!). I'd say the Ras al Global is more applicable to your 2016 #1 in losing an affiliation.

    As to this year, I think The Mighty Santa Thor may be good to you...

    Kate Bishop: Mockingbird (#6)
    Malekith: 13th Som of a 13th Son (#9)
  2. Randy's Avatar
    I still have the same thing on my want list I've wanted since BFF dropped. A way to give an opposing character the Monster affiliation at global speed. Make it as restricted as you want: 2 cost global, specific energy type, once per turn, only works on non-sidekicks... anything. I'd even settle for a Synergy ability that needs the character active.

    Well, that and the rest of the Slingers team, now that we have Ricochet. : )
  3. Razorback's Avatar
    Nice article. Totally unrelated to game play, but still stuff I like and miss...

    I want them to bring back play mats and matching dice bags. Maybe a mat and bag that coordinates with the annual starter set instead of one for each gravity feed set. I collected those things with as much enthusiasm as I did the cards and dice and I miss them.