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Inside the Game - A/D Value Modifiers

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In every set there are several cards with an ability that modifies the A and/or D values of a character die (e.g. +1A and +1D). Frequently, questions arise during game play on the application of these modifiers such as "how do I know when the modifier is either active or removed?"

There are two types of A/D value modifiers: static and applied. This article explains the various ways to identify which type of modifier is being applied and some methods on how to remember each one.

Static Modifiers
When a modifier is applied to a recipient character die from a specific source, it is called a static modifier. Note: sometimes these are also called Continuous modifiers. Either way, the two terms are synonymous. For this type of modifier, the bonus or penalty remains on the recipient character die until the source - i.e. the die, ability or dependent game state - is removed from play or no longer in effect. A static modifier can be determined from a card's ability in the following ways:

(1) The modifier comes from a "while active", Continuous or Equipment source die. In this kind of ability, if the active character or Action die (the source) is removed from play, then the modifier can no long be applied. Examples:

Bob, Agent of Hydra - Hiding Behind You
While Bob, Agent of Hydra, is active, [Deadpool] character dice get +1A.
Drax - In Pursuit of Thanos
While Drax is active, your other [Guardians] character dice get +1A and +1D.
Nova Corps Uniform - One Mind, One Purpose (errata'd version)
Continuous: Attach this die to target character die. While attached, that character die gets +2A and +2D (no matter how many copies of Nova Corps Uniform are attached). When the character die leaves the Field Zone, send this die to the Used Pile.
(2) The modifier is dependent on a game state condition being maintained, or in some cases doesn't occur. Once that game state condition source is no longer valid, the modifier is removed. Examples:

Ace the Bat Hound - Sic 'Em
If your opponent has any active [Villains] character dice, Ace the Bat Hound gets +2A.
Iron Fist - Holding Back the Storm
As long as you have not fielded any character dice this turn, Iron Fist has +3A.
Krypto - Test Pilot
Krypto gets +1A and +1D for each different active [Team Superman] in the Field Zone (yours and your opponent's).
Mousers - Spare Parts
Mousers gets +1A and +1D while another player has an active character with a "When fielded" ability.
Ras Nsi - The Ravager of Chult
While Ras Nsi has gear equipped, he gains +3A and +3D.
Spider-Man - Spectacular
Underdog - (You may use this effect when your opponent has more character dice in their Field Zone than you do.)
Spider-Man gets +1A and +1D.
(3) The recipient die initiates and continues to conduct a specific action. If the recipient die is no longer performing the specific source action, the modifier ends. Examples:

Allosaurus - Greater Beast
While Allosaurus attacks, it gets +2A (until end of turn).
Angela - Aldrif Odinsdottir
While Angela attacks, if the defending player has taken damage this turn, Angela gets +2A.
Note: I need to make a distinction here between "while" and "when" abilities as they apply to modifiers. A "while" ability is an action in progress - you initiate it and as long as it is being performed the condition for applying the modifier is in effect. So if the modifier is applied to a recipient die while attacking and that die is removed from the Attack Zone (e.g. with a Blink-Transmutation global), the modifier is removed - the source of the modifier is no longer in effect.
A "when" ability usually denotes the action is initiated and completed, i.e. you do it and it's done, nothing can undo the action (e.g. "once blocked, always blocked"). Modifiers from these abilities are not static, but applied (see below).

(4) The recipient die must possess a specific attribute (e.g. a keyword or affiliation). In this instance, if a card with the applicable attribute is blanked or an effect takes it away, then the modifier is lost. Also, abilities that allow the recipient or source die to gain a specific attribute would enable a modifier to be applied. Examples:

S.W.O.R.D. Agent - Report to Brand
Ally While your opponent has any active [Villains] character dice, S.W.O.R.D. Agent gets +1A and +1D.
Two-Face's Coin - Heads, I Win
[Villain] character dice you control gain +1A (until end of turn).
*/** Then, flip this card.
Jarnbjorn - Iron Bear
Character dice you control with Immortal get +2A and +2D and get Overcrush (until end of turn).
Here we see how a keyword attribute affects the modifier on the recently spoiled card from the Thor set, Jarnbjorn.
Note: if we assume Jarnbjorn's effect is also a "while active" ability, if his character die was removed from play, the modifier would also be removed.

(5) A combination of the above abilities. Example:
Lois Lane - Daily Planet Reporter
Ally While Lois Lane is active, other [Team Superman] characters get +1A while attacking.
Here the +1A modifier requires two conditions: Lois Lane (the source die) must be active and the recipient dice (Team Superman characters) must be attacking (the prerequisite action source) both of which make this a static modifier.

Easy way to remember – starts with an “S”: a static modifier ‘stays’ with the source:
Stays with Source = Static

Applied Modifiers
When a modifier is applied to a recipient die from an ability, effect or action that is initiated then completed it is called an applied modifier. For this type of modifier, the bonus or penalty remains on the recipient character as if it was 'printed' on the die - it is now part of the inherent value. An applied modifier can be determined from a card's ability in the following ways:

(1) A cost is paid to obtain the modifier. Examples:

Too Big to Fly, Basic Action Card
KO target character die with A of 5 or greater.
Global: Pay [1 fist]. Target character die gets +1A until end of turn.
Venom - Abondoned the Stinger
While Venom is active, you may pay [1 mask] to give your Sidekicks +1A or +1D until end of turn.
Note: while Venom must be active to initiate this ability, making this seem like a static modifier, the actual application of the modifier comes from paying a cost. Here a condition (Venom must be active) is placed on being able to pay the cost for the modifier.

(2) A game state condition is initiated and completed. These encompass such actions that require the fielding or purchasing of a specific die, abilities that apply damage, spinning, as well as if a character die is assigned to attack or block (see the above explanation on "when" abilities). Examples:

Free Chimichangas - Delicious
Impulse - Target character die gets +2D (until end of turn). (Impulse abilities happen when you purchase the character die with Impulse).
Juggernaut - Ruby Rampage
When fielded, all opposing character dice get -2A until end of turn.
Namorita - Taunting Villains
When Namorita blocks, target non-[shield] attacking character die gets -2A until end of turn.
Power Ring - Harold Jordan
When Power Ring attacks, he gets +1A for each opposing non-[Villains] character die in your opponent's Field Zone.
Sunfire - Moeagaru!
Awaken: Character dice you control gain +1A and +1D until end of turn. (When this die spins up 1 or more levels, you may use this effect.)
(3) The modifier is applied when a non-Continuous or non-Equipment Action die is used, or the modifier from the Action die does not come from a source. Examples:

Kryptonite - K-Metal
All character dice get -2A until end of turn.
*/** Also Superman's A becomes 0 until end of turn.
Pym Particles - Scientific Breakthrough
All of your [fist] and [mask] character dice get +1A and +1D until end of turn.
The Hellfire Club - Council of the Chosen
All character dice gain +2A this turn. At the end of the turn, KO all character dice that did not attack or block this turn.
Note: Two-Face's Coin - Heads, I Win is an example of a non-Continuous Action die that does not grant an applied modifier. The modifier comes from a source (Villain character dice you control). If the recipient Villain character die loses its affiliation, then the modifier is lost.

Easy way to remember - starts with an "A": an applied modifier is ‘anchored’ to the recipient die:
Anchored = Applied

A Note on Swapping or Flipping Modified A/D Values
Static modifiers cannot be swapped or flipped because a source die is applying the modifier to the inherent or printed A/D values on the recipient die. For example a recipient die has a 2A/5D with a +1D modifier from a source die, making the values 2A/6D. If an effect flips these values, it is the 2A and 5D that are flipped to 5A/2D. Then the +1D static modifier is're-applied', making the final values 5A/3D.

Applied modifiers on A/D values can be swapped or flipped because the modification bonus or penalty is now part of the die - just as if it was printed on it.

Hope this was informative and clears up any questions you may have on the types of modifiers.
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