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Spoilers: Marvel Dice Masters Age of Ultron

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Here are our best guesses. Leave comments below if you think we're wrong or to help with some of the ones we don't know.

1. Wasp
2. Captain America... a new symbol for Captain America? And it's a fist character too. I wasn't expecting this. Very cool!
3. Yellow die with a red woman's face... I have no clue.
4. <strike>I would have guessed this was a Sentinel, but those stats do not reflect a Sentinel. Maybe some sort of guard robot?</strike> Kang the conqueror. Thanks to Evan for this one. Kang has already been revealed to be in this set, so that makes sense.
5. This may be a S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent of some kind. Possibly Maria Hill or Agent Carter. Not Phil Coulson, as we can see on his card pictured above, his die is a different color.
6. Vision, also with a new symbol.
7. <strike>Blue die with the black outline of a woman's face. I don't know.</strike> A lot of people are guessing Maria Hill for this one. If it is Hill, then we have Phil Coulson, the blue and white S.H.I.E.L.D. die from #5, and Maria Hill here at #7. That seems like overkill on S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. A more offbeat guess is Finesse from Avengers Academy.
8. Could possibly be a new Iron Man. The more I look at it, the more I look at it, the more I don't think it's Iron Man... no other real guess though.
9. Captain Marvel. Remember, this is the Carol Danvers version of the character.
10. This looks like an action die, since there are no stats to be seen. A gray die with a yellow trident. Nothing is coming to mind.
11. <strike>There isn't enough to go on here. A dark gray die with a white symbol. Also note it's a fist character.</strike> Ultron. I should have guessed it since his card is in the image too. Thanks tojhoratio.
12. Rocket Racoon
13. Red Skull. Hoever, some of these die are looking like they could be young characters from Avengers Academy. There's a small chance this is Mettle. My money is still on Red Skull though.
14. Baron Zemo
15. Wolverine. New symbol on a blue die. Odd color choice. The more I look at this one, the more it looks like the Owl, a Daredevil villain.
16. Loki. Another new symbol, but familiar colors.
17. Green die with a white radioactive symbol. It's either Hulk or Radioactive Man. It could be Hazmat, as Evan pointed out, which would fit right in if #7 is in factFinesse, #13 is Mettle, and with Jocosta at #23.
18. Daredevil.
19. Blue die with white connecteddots. I don't know.
20. Ultron-Bot. Notice it's not the same color as the die featured on the Ultron card, and the stats are nowhere near Ultron's stats. Fielding cost of 1 with only 2 attack? Ultron-Bot.
21. I am Groot!
22. Hawkeye. I wouldn't have guessed this, but since other existing characters are getting new symbols, this makes sense.
23. <strike>Lilandra, former queen of the Shi'ar Empire.</strike> Evan pointed out that this could be Jacosta, another robot built by Hank Pym, and given that this is Age of Ultron, that's probably correct. Upon closer look, yea... it looks more like Jacosta than Lilandra.

There you go. Thoughts?
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  1. Horatio imported's Avatar
    Is 3 not Black Widow? 7 might be Callisto although that's probably wrong. 11 is Ultron. Perhaps 22 is Bullseye - I'd imagine at least some of Daredevil's rogues gallery will make this set. Very excited for some Shi'ar / Starjammer action - good call on Lilandra. Perhaps we will see Corsair or Hepzibah? Once again - way too many dudes in these sets. Need more women characters. Also, where's Thor?
  2. Evan imported's Avatar
    I agree, 3 could be Black Widow. 4 is almost definitely Kang - right colors and right icon shape, plus AoU is all about Time Hijinks so he fits. 7 I'm going to guess is Maria Hill because the icon looks like her comic incarnation. 11 is Ultron, yeah - for whatever reason he's a fist. 17 could also be Hazmat.

    19...I want to believe it's force spheres, and therefore Invisible Woman, but I don't know why she'd be a fist. Then again, Ultron is, so...

    23 could also be Jocasta. She is (or at least was?) Ultron's wife, after all. Makes me wonder if 19 is maybe Victor Mancha.
  3. Dakotah Mitchell imported's Avatar
    #7 is NAMORITA
  4. Nick Seiler imported's Avatar
    My money is on Maria Hill for #7.
  5. Randy imported's Avatar
    17 could be Hazmat. ...I would dismiss that at first, except that it looks like we do have Jocasta also from Avengers Academy. If we have Hazmat, the Mettle could be a possibility for #13. Also, Finesse is an option for #7. Just throwing some options out there since nothing is in stone yet. Btw, I'd love if Mettle and Hazmat were characters.
  6. Randy imported's Avatar
    I refuse to believe that #3 is Black Widow on a yellow die. After a little research, I think it's Sin, the Red Skull's daughter. She played a big part in an event Fear Itself a few years back.
  7. Ramen Warrior imported's Avatar
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  8. Dr. Blasphemy imported's Avatar
    3 could be Gamora.
  9. Trevor Williamson imported's Avatar
    #3 is more likely Gamora, and #5 is the same symbol used for Nick Fury in AvX. #7 is Maria Hill, no doubts about that whatsoever.

    As to some of your other assumptions, I'm not sure you're on the right track. The Wolverine choice doesn't make sense, and your assumption about the Hawkeye die is dubious, too. The one you claim is Hulk could just as easily be Hyperion, although the color is a weird choice if it isn't Hulk.
  10. Randy imported's Avatar
    Gamora at #3 is a good guess. Surprised it wouldn't not a green die, but maybe it is a very yellow-green. These pics aren't always 100% when it comes to color. #5 is the S.H.I.E.L.D. symbol, but blue and white doesn't scream Nick Fury to me. There aren't any other symbols that carry over from previous sets, so I'm hesitant to assume it's Fury again. #15 looks more like the Owl the more I look at it. Which would help fill a void for Daredevil foes.
  11. Stephen Mitchell imported's Avatar
    #5 could be Alison Blaire (Dazzler) Agent of SHIELD. She was hired by Maria Hill to be a mutant liason in Uncanny X-Men. Her colors were white and blue.
  12. Marvel Sutantio imported's Avatar

    1. Wasp, no doubt about it.
    2. Could be Captain America though I have seen Nick Fury (Junior) wore this insignia in his SHIELD uniform.
    3. Could be either Gamora or Viper, I lean towards Viper more since Gamora has these stripes under her eyes. I don't think it's Sin either Randy, she's bald rite?
    4. I think this could be Ulysses Klaw, given his possible appearance in the Avengers Age of Ultron movie & Black Panther movie
    5. This could be Monica Chang, Daisy Johnson (due to the popularity of Skye in the TV Series), or Maria Hill.
    6. I think this could be Baron Mordo, it fits his color scheme. With Strange and Cumberbatch, figured Marvel would want to boost the series' antagonist
    7. I have a hunch this is Maria Hill, if it's Callisto, she would wear an eye patch..
    8. Is most probably Iron Man though there's a possibility that it could be Arno Stark?
    13. Definitely Red Skull or probably even Red Onslaught. Mettle has a more roundish eyes. This one is very evil.
    15. I'd say this is either a super skrull or Leland Owlsley aka the Owl. With Daredevil in this, it's almost obligatory to have his nemesis here.
    17. This is definitely Hyperion IMO
    19. A Nova member?
    22. Could this be Havok?
    23. I think this is more Jocasta than Lilandra given the set is all about Ultron

    And I don't think Hazmat and Mettle would be in this set, Avengers Arena is very good, so is Arena and Undercover, but don't think they're popular enough to warrant an
    appearance in Dice Masters imo.
  13. Horatio imported's Avatar
    Please let it be Dazzler. Although i'd have expected a star or something as her icon. She's far more X-Man than Agent of SHIELD.
  14. Horatio imported's Avatar
    I'd love it as much as anyone, but there is no chance 22 is Havok. Purple makes no sense and the concentric circles wouldn't have those crosshairs. Far more likely to be Kate Bishop or Bullseye.
  15. Horatio imported's Avatar
    Good call on Callisto with eyepatch. It isn't her. Oh well...
  16. Marvel Sutantio imported's Avatar
    Thanks Horatio. Haha yeah, in that case the crosshair / reticles thingie wouldn't fit Kate's or Bullseye's logos either since their logo doesn't have that too. Some purple characters I can think off the top of my head are Zebediah Killgrave (since DD is here), Jessica Jones, or probably even Galactus (kinda far fetched being his helmet is more recognizable and all)

    Btw I just realized who #19 is: Captain Universe!! my money is on Monica Rambeau
  17. Marvel Sutantio imported's Avatar
    oh and Imo there's a possibility that #6 could be Aarkus aka the original Vision. He may not have that triangle thingie in his forehead but the color scheme fits.
  18. Christopher Ripp imported's Avatar
    I highly doubt they will change symbols for each character so here are some other thoughts.

    2. Winter Soldier
    3. Gamora or Sin (GG team needs Gamora but colors dont make sense, Red Skull is obvious to go with Sin.
    5. Brok Rumlow (SHIELD team affiliation is present so he makes sense)
    8. Rescue (the high attack dosent makes sense though) Possible Mandarin.
    9. Moonstone.
    10. Loki's staff action dice
    16. Hemidall. (PLEASE)
    17. Gamora (Colors make sense not sure on symbol)
    19 Invisable woman. (Please complete the set)
    20. Hobgoblin
    22. Starlord (needed for GG set)

    Some of these don't make sense for an ultron set but that hasn't stopped the oddball character from sneaking in yet.
  19. Trevor Williamson imported's Avatar
    How does blue and white not scream Nick Fury? It's his original outfit coloring from back in the day...
  20. Randy imported's Avatar
    True, but it's not really his current color scheme is what I meant. Since he is currently &quot;dead&quot; in the comics last I checked, how cool would it be if that was a a Fury LMD character die
  21. Trevor Williamson imported's Avatar
    That would be pretty cool.
  22. Colin Middleton imported's Avatar
    My 2 Cents

    2. Could be Bucky Barnes or Nick Fury JR.
    3. Profile reminds me of Madame Masque, dubious though
    10. Looks like Namors trident
    17. Probably Hyperion
    19. Captain Universe.
    22. Looks a lot like the Star Brand logo. Ties in to the current Avengers run, Captain Universe and Hyperion
  23. Werekin imported's Avatar
    Hopefully (2) is Bucky and the remaining speculation falls correctly onto favourite support characters from popular comics and adaptations. Bullseye is a solid bet if Daredevil is confirmed. Sue Storm is a solid bet and her power shield ability is offensive so maybe she falls under fist energy. Will it be a part complete set of the Guardians cast?

    It would be massively disappointing to see repeat characters with symbols being switched around. I'm seriously not up for that.

    I was surprised not to see Loki's Chitauri sceptre in a previous set but surely (10) is a trident when the sceptre is more of a bident design, so could this be the famed enchanted adamantine weapon.
  24. Michael Myers imported's Avatar
    #3 is Domino i bet
  25. dave wood imported's Avatar
    22 looks like it could be bullseye to me. Would make sense with daredevil being in there.
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