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Character Review: Emma Frost

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I had to skip over Cyclops and Falcon for now, as I need to reshoot portions of those videos.
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  1. Andy imported's Avatar
    Thanks for the breakdown.

    My son loves playing Emma Frost - Archvillain against me. We mostly play teams that are themed (Avengers vs Villains or X-Men vs Villains) and my team always seems to have some fists who I would prefer to use but can't hurt her.
  2. Dr. Blasphemy imported's Avatar
    I like to pair R Toad - Mortimer Toynbee with C Emma Frost - Archvillain. Toad's card ability forces a character to attack and take 2 damage from his * effect on the opponent's turn. I then have Emma block to finish the character off. Its really fun to use on Wolverine when he has his blocking bonuses, which have no effect on her.