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Podcast 34: DC D-Scussion

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Dave and Evan discuss the kerfuffle surrounding the Yu-Gi-Oh! dice masters set and how it's probably not too big a deal. Chris talks about some global abilities and Dave and Randy check the mail. We close with our feature, where we discuss the upcoming DC Dice Masters set and all of the information surrounding it.

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  1. Stephen Mitchell imported's Avatar
    For my life I tend to set up my Nexus tablet with a downloaded life tracker app. It has two sides so both me and my opponent can work off of it. The score is big and easily visible for both of us.

    Overall I have to agree that the DC cards are VERY thematic to this point. I'm sure there will be some "what-the-what?" moments as we get more info but so far so good.

    I cannot wait to get Superman and Wonder Woman on a team together. Their combo will have Wondy sending villains off to get pummeled by Superman, which is an ideal scenario when dealing with Deathstroke and Darkseid.

    Overcrush? Thank you! I happen to like the name, it sounds VERY comic book-y. If WizKids asked my opinion (which they won't) I would use: 'Incapacitate' for 'prevent target character from attacking'
    'Taunt' for 'target creature must attack'

    My excitement for DC-DM continues to grow!
  2. Dusten McAdams imported's Avatar
    Great episode!
    I love to use my old MTG spin down d-20s to keep track of life.

    For a play mat I use the middle page of the UXM rule book (I got 2 in my starter set!!) I have a blank mat that I may draw some lines on but the rules page has gotten me by

    I am also excited for the keywords in Marvel and D.C. I hope they use "active" as a keyword so some cards could be less wordy.

    Also thank the Dice Gods that our superheroes won't have serial numbers!!!