Refers to a type of playstyle that is very aggressive - this is the strategy where you attack early and often. Usually an aggro team will try to win before the opponent can mount an effective defense.


Aggro – Short for aggression. Aggro is all about dealing the damage, and dealing it quick. Aggro play tends towards cheap high attack characters and early attacks. Often this is accused of being a mindless style of play, and it isn’t as deep as many control styles, but it isn’t for idiots. Many decisions are made early on that will completely decide the game much later. Further, aggro requires a certain amount of mental fortitude, in that you will often being ceding defense and thus your life total in order to improve your attack situations. One of the greater advantages to this style of play is that you tend towards quicker games, which is a good thing in tournament play.




[top]Sidekicks & Shields, Attacking Dice Masters With Aggro

“Aggression only moves in one direction – it creates more aggression.” – Margaret J. Wheatley

Yesterday we talked about how to slow your opponent down and kill them over time; today we take a more direct approach. Above is a pretty basic aggro deck. Quick attackers and lots of direct damage are the basic plan for most aggressive strategies. Now to some more jaded players this seems like a pretty simple strategy and sometimes it is. On the other hand, walking a fine line of when to buy what and when to go for the kill is a constant calculation that if done incorrectly can cost a match. Lets take a look at the big players:

Arguably the two best cards in the game make up the core for this team. Direct damage and efficient attacking make Gobby and Tsarina both extremely powerful and quite expensive. Buy them, put out some pawns so you won’t draw them, and then attack, simple as that. Make sure to get Gobby back into the bag as much as possible so you can get his trigger off again and again. Two or three good fielded triggers is normally enough to win the game. Lets look at what provides us with reach:

Power Bolt and Invulnerability are great ways to get around large blockers and deal that last bit of damage. Pyro and Human Torch are normally for when you lost the dice roll at the beginning of the game and your opponent was able to stall and build up a solid board state. A lot of this team is lightning-based so Pyro is normally more useful than Power Bolt, so if you can afford him be sure to pick him up. We also have access to many good flex spots, so feel free to change to suit your local meta.

Cyclops is a great one-of who deals direct damage and clears out pawn and low-defense blockers. Beast comes into play against Professor X builds when you are going second, in order to help ramp into Pyro and Power Bolts. Hulk, as most players know, goes great with Human Torch to keep their board clean for the final attack. Angel has come in handy in some situations, but he is first one I would change out if I could find a good replacement.

Matchup vs Mid-range – Depending on the build, Human Torch and Hulk will be all-stars here. If you are on the play go with the normal game plan but be careful if they get to go first. A quick defender will make your Black Widows a little less exciting and Storm seems to take care of them quickly. Keep a constant eye on their board, as cards like Wolverine and She-Hulk can come in unblocked and, with the right pumps, one-shot you.

Matchup vs Control – On the play these games will feel like a walk in the park. Going second, be sure to keep constant pressure and know when your board is too clogged by distractions and blockers that you should start buying Power Bolts. Pyro and Human Torch shine here, as they are critical for picking off pawns. Don’t be afraid to attack with Human Torch, most damage is good damage and if they waste energy to Distract him then so be it.

Matchup vs the Mirror – A lot of these games will seem pre-determined, as whoever wins the die roll has a serious advantage. Bad opening rolls can put you behind early but cards like Beast allow you to grind it out while switching modes to play a longer game. Remember that if you can get it on-line, the main engine is almost always the right call if you’re on the play. Put your opponent into places where even a single mistake costs them the game.

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