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Basic Action Card
One of your characters gets +1A for each character your opponent has in the field.


  • Ambush is an applied effect, a one time boost from Global Abilities, etc., which can be swapped onto a new stat. Ambush takes a snapshot - it counts your opponent's fielded characters and gives your character +1A for each when it is used. If your opponent gets an additional character, or has some knocked out, it doesn't change the bonus it is giving.
  • This is contrasted with Static effects, while X is active, while Y is attacking, which continue to apply to the stat they reference. For example:
    1. Your opponent used Power Bolt against your level 2 Vision, 2A/6D, dealing 2 damage and resulting in 2A/4D. If you use the Ant-Man: Pym Particles global ability to swap Vision's attack and defense, his values would now be 6A/0D and he would be knocked out. Damage is not a stat modifier.
    2. Ant-Man: Pym Particles, 2A/1D, gets +2D while attacking. If his global ability was used on his die, his values would become 1A/4D.[1]

  • If you take control of an opposing character and then use basic action Ambush, the opponent's character controlled by you is no longer in your opponent's field and does not count towards the effect. Opposing characters are those controlled by your opponent.[2]





Artist: Simone Bianchi, Simone Peruzzi
Source: Wolverine (Vol 2010) #310 Page 19[3]


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