Beast: Mutate 666 (Character Card)

Avengers vs. X-Men
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Beast (Marvel)
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When Beast blocks, draw one die and place it in your prep area.
Instead draw 2 dice; place one in your prep area and the other in your used pile.
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  • Characters with “Draw Dice” effects—such as Beast: Mutate #666—are triggered when the requirement of the card effect is met. In the case of Beast, this is when this character blocks.[1]
  • Multiple Beast dice can block the same attacking character and each trigger its ability. From the rulebook, "A single blocker can only block one attacking character: it can’t block more than one. However, more than one blocker may be assigned to block a single attacker."[2]
  • If there are no dice in your bag when you need to draw new dice, immediately refill the bag with the dice in your Used Pile.[3]
  • You are not penalized when no dice are in the Used Pile and you cannot complete Beast's ability. This is different from the rule governing the Clear and Draw step: If, after refilling the bag from the used pile, you are still only able to draw 3 dice or fewer, take 1 damage and gain 1 generic energy for each die below four that you drew. For example, if you drew only two dice from the bag, you would gain 2 generic energy and take 2 damage.

    In regard to Beast: Mutate #666, if you were instructed to draw 2 dice, you'd draw as many as you could (maybe only one) then follow the instructions in order: place one die in your prep area, and the other (if there is another) in your Used Pile. If you had multiple Beast: Mutate #666 as blockers, they would go in order (you choose the order of your effects).[4]




Ability Nullification
Draw Dice Penalty
  • Magneto: Hellfire Club: While Magneto is active, if your opponent has no Villains in the field, he takes 2 damage each time he draws one or more dice from his bag.[5]

Forced Attack
Prevent Blocking


Artist: Tom Grummett, Cory Hamscher, Morry Hollowell Aaron Lopresti
Source: X-Men Forever (Vol 2) #9[6] Excalibur (Vol 3) #7[7]


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