Blue-Eyes White Dragon: Monstrous Dragon (Character Card)

Yu-Gi-Oh! Series One
Collector #:
<< 74 >>
Blue-Eyes White Dragon
<< Monstrous Dragon >>
No Affiliation
Once per turn, you may knock out one of your monsters to give this monster +3A.

Global: Pay and knock out one of your monsters to reduce the cost of the next die you buy by 2 energy.


[*]Yu-Gi-Oh Monsters Clarifications:
Within the Yu-Gi-Oh!: Series One set, character dice are called "monster(s)" which are not the same as the Dungeons and Dragons sets.
Dungeon and Dragons "Monster" is an affiliation with this banner .
  • Blue Eyes: White Dragon's global ability cannot make a die free to purchase, even if the starting cost is 2. No game effects may make a die's purchase cost free or 0 unless specifically stated. If you were to reduce a 2 cost monster/character by 2, you would still need to pay 1 to purchase it.[1]
  • If the ability is used multiple times, it reduces the cost of the next die by 2 times the number of times it is used (to a minimum of 1). For example, if you used Blue Eyes White Dragon's global ability 3 times, you could reduce The Winged Dragon of Ra: Solar Deity's cost by 6, and pay a single Bolt to purchase it. You can only get 1 cost reduction for each instance of Blue Eyes White Dragon's ability that you use.[2]
  • If Blue Eye's global is used during your opponent's turn or during your Attack Step (or during your Main Step and you purchase no more dice this turn), the cost reduction does not carry forward. It goes away at end of turn because it isn't a "While active" effect.[3]
  • Blue-Eyes White Dragon can get bonuses from Half-Dragon since it has "dragon" in its name. Half-Dragon gives bonuses to characters that meet one of two requirements:
    1. They have dragon in their name/title (Half-Dragon doesn't count because it is hyphenated). Baby Dragon and Thousand Dragon would count.
    2. They have dragon in their subtitle, AND have the D&D Monster banner. Lord of D. doesn't count toward this because he doesn't have the Monster banner even though on some cards, he has dragon in his subtitle.[4]





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