Brainiac: Terror of Kandor (Character Card)

DC Comics
Justice League
Collector #:
<< 42 >>
<< Terror of Kandor >>
While Brainiac is active, during your opponentís Clear and Draw Step, you may make your opponent put one die from their draw back into the bag and redraw before they roll.


  • Brainiac: Terror of Kandor's ability does not trigger Magneto: Hellfire Club ("While Magneto is active, if your opponent has no Villains in the field, he takes 2 damage each time he draws one or more dice from his bag."). While Magneto would deal two damage to the opponent during the Clear and Draw Step for drawing dice, all events related to the act of drawing die during the Clear and Draw Step occur simultaneously for the purposes of the game. Thus, if a player had only two die in his or her bag, and had to draw two die and then refill his or her bag before drawing the final two die, the player would only take two damage from Magneto, rather than four, even though the player was physically drawing die twice (before and after refilling the bag). Similarly, Brainiacís ability triggers as an opponent is drawing die, and is part of the single, simultaneous act of drawing die during the Clear and Draw Step, even though it is a separate physical act.[1]





Artist: Gene Ha
Source: Superman (Vol 2011) #23.2[2]


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  2. ^ Superman Vol 2011 #23.2. Retrieved 10 December 2016.

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