Cable: Techno-Organic (Character Card)

Uncanny X-Men
Collector #:
<< 68 >>
<< Techno-Organic >>
No Affiliation
When Cable is blocked, deal 2 damage to each enemy character.

Global: Pay . Deal 1 damage to target enemy character. That character must block this turn (if able).
Alternate Art


  • Cable is the source of the 2 damage dealt when he is blocked. In the future, cards like Cable: Techno-Organic will be worded: "When Cable is blocked, Cable deals 2 damage to each opposing character." The assumption for all dice/cards/characters that describe dealing damage is that they are dealing the damage themselves (it doesn't come from the player or some other unknown source).[1]
  • Cable's global ability cannot force a target character to block that is prevented from blocking by another effect. When a card makes a character/die/player do something, if that character/die/player cannot do that thing, the "can't" overrides the "can". Cable can't force the X-23: Scent of Murder which can't block to be able to block. Likewise, the global abilities on Mr. Fantastic: Brilliant Scientist and Phoenix: Jeannie cannot force a character with the text, "This character can't attack," to attack.[2]
  • The source of damage from a global ability is not the character on whose card it is found but rather the player who pays the global's cost. Thus, Cyclops: Field Leader's ability would not increase the damage dealt by Cable's global by 1.[3]





Artist: Dave Wilkins Danny Miki, Cam Smith, Mark Morales
Source: Cable (Vol 2) #18[4] A + X #1[5]


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