Captain America: The First Avenger (Character Card)

Age of Ultron
Collector #:
<< 5 >>
Captain America
<< The First Avenger >>
While active, whenever you take non-combat damage, spin this character up one level.
Also gain 1 life.
Alternate Art


  • While active” effects are static effects that are in play as long as that character is in the Field Zone. The Attack Zone is a subset of the Field Zone, so “While active” effects are still active when a character is in the Attack Zone. “While active” effects are not cumulative, i.e. the effects only occur once regardless of how many of that character is active in a player’s Field/Attack Zone (however, if both players have the same character active, the effects will occur once for each player).[1]
  • All Captain America dice would spin up, if able, when you take damage since "while active" abilities take place once no matter how many copies of that die are in the Field Zone. A Captain America at level 1 would spin up a single level and you'd gain 1 life. Two Captain America dice would each spin up 1 level, and you'd gain 1 life. A Captain America at level 3 would attempt to spin up, fail, and you'd still gain 1 life.[2]





Artist: Carlos Pacheco, Tim Townsend, Frank D'Armata Steve McNiven
Source: Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier (Vol 2010) #2[3] Captain America (Vol 2011) #2[4]


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