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Die Stats: 023 034 145

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Die Stats: 023 034 145
# Rarity Subtitle Cost Affiliation Ability Max Die
35 Common Arthur Curry 3 While Aquaman is active, Justice League characters cost 1 less to buy (to a minimum of 1). 4
74 Uncommon King of Atlantis 3 While Aquaman is active, other Justice League characters get +1A and +1D. 4
106 Rare Orin 3 When Aquaman blocks, you may move a different Justice League character from the Used Pile to your Prep Area.
Retaliation - If an affiliated character is KO'd, deal 1 damage to an opposing player.


Artist: Ivan Reis, Rod Reis David Finch, Scott Williams, Peter, Steigerwald
Source: Aquaman (Vol 7) #1[1] Brightest Day (Vol 2010) #2[2]


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