Battle for Faerūn

Set Abbreviation: BFF
IP: Dungeons & Dragons
Designers: Mike Elliot
Eric M. Lang
Release Date: March 11, 2015
Set Size: 138 Cards Total
10 Basic Actions
24 Starter Set Common
32 Commons
30 Uncommons
36 Rares
4 Super Rares
Affiliations: Harpers, Emerald Enclave, Lord's Alliance, Order of the Gauntlet, Zhentarim, Monsters
Key Mechanisms: Breath Weapon, Equipment, Experience, Regenerate, Swarm
Key Team Builds:
Dungeons & Dragons: Battle for Faerūn is the fourth set of Dice Masters, and the first of the Dungeons & Dragons series. It was released on March 11th, 2015 and is considered a full set.

[top]Set Details

Official D&D Dice Masters Page

Coming just a few short months after the Yu-Gi-Oh Series One set release, D&D Dice Masters brought a whole new intellectual property into the Dice Masters game system. Building on the popularity of the role-playing game and fueled by the recent release of the Fifth Edition ruleset, D&D also aims to open the game to a new audience of players.


"Mazes and Monsters is a far-out game"
"The Battle for Faerūn" utilizes the Forgotten Realms campaign setting from Dungeons & Dragons, a setting used in many novels, video games, and board games and therefore among the most widely familiar D&D settings in existence today. Rather than focus on named characters in this set, various familiar creatures (such as the Owlbear) and character archetypes are included. There appears to be no specific storyline captured by the set itself.

[top]Key Mechanisms

There are several new mechanisms that were introduced in this set, all of which work with the theme of the humans and creatures involved.

These mechanisms include Breath Weapon, Experience, Equipment, and Swarm. Also included in the set is the appearance of the Energy Drain, Overcrush, and Regenerate mechanisms, each of which existed in earlier sets but were formerly unnamed.

Breath Weapon allows you to pay 1-3 (depending on the card) of any energy type to deal that much direct damage to your opponent and all of their characters.

Experience allows all of your active adventurer cards to gain +1A and +1D once per round if a monster was KO'd during your turn.

Equipment are action dice that represent special gear (Magic Helmet & Magic Sword in this set) that stay in the field (unless removes by another effect) and can be attached to most humanoid creatures (they must have the special Equip symbol on their card). These give that die special offensive or defensive powers based on the card text.

Swarm characters allow you to draw an extra die during the Clear & Draw step if one of them is already in the field and you draw one of them from your bag. If that is another one of the swarm dice, you'll draw yet another die.
Energy Drain is seen on some of the undead cards in the set and cause engaged foes to be spun down one level.

Regenerate give a KO'd die with this keyword a chance to immediately return to the field by rolling a character face on it. Some of the cards have additional effects that trigger if the die successfully regenerates.

Overcrush does damage to the opponent equaling the leftover unblocked damage remaining after all of the blockers are KO'd.

[top]Set Breakdown

[top]Characters & Actions Featured

[top]Character Energy Types

BFF Energy Distribution

Bolt: 9
Fist: 9
Mask: 9
Shield: 9

[top]Set Buy Curve

BFF Buy Curve by No. of Characters

1-Cost 2 2-Cost 9 3-Cost 30 4-Cost 32 5-Cost 30 6-Cost 12 7-Cost 12 8-Cost 1 9-Cost 0 10-Cost 0

1 Energy:

2 Energy:

3 Energy:

4 Energy:

5 Energy:

6 Energy:

7 Energy:

8 Energy:

[top]Organized Play

[top]Key Team Builds

As far as team builds go, BFF offers many strategic differences than the Marvel sets thus far.

Common favorite team builds center around dragons and the Breath Weapon mechanism, which offers both direct damage and a certain level of control of the field. Likewise, teams built on the Swarm mechanism have been proven to be effective, as well as teams built on the use of equipment and action dice. Although characters with Experience require an opposing enemy with the Monster affiliation from the set to work and thus lose some efficacy in inter-set play, they remain popular in intra-set play.

[top]Dominant Cards

[top]Promotional Cards

Minsc and Boo: Go for the Eyes Boo! - this card was a bonus for pre-orders of the Starter Set from select retailers.


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