Energy Type:

Affiliations: No Affiliation

Die Stats: 125 136 256

[top]Character Bio

Real Name: Lucas Bishop
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 275 lbs
Powers: Bishop is a mutant with the power to absorb energy, either ambient energy or that directed towards him, and to project that energy from his body in the form of concussive blasts. Bishop can also store absorbed energy within his personal reserves, whereupon the energy increases his strength and recuperative abilities, as well as affording him a measure of invulnerability. Also, he instinctively knows his location at all times.
Abilities Bishop is a trained police officer, skilled in the homicide branch. Bishop has also had many years of armed and unarmed combat training, and is a superb marksman with firearms.

[top]Character Cards

[top]Uncanny X-Men

Die Stats: 125 136 256
# Rarity Subtitle Cost Affiliation Ability Max Die
37 Common Omega Squad 5 Bishop cannot be damaged by characters. 4
66 Uncommon Branded a Mutant 4 None Bishop gets +2A when engaged with a character. 4
97 Rare XSE 5 None For every 2 damage dealt to Bishop in combat, deal 1 damage to an opposing character. 4


[top]X-Men First Class

Die Stats: 125 136 256
# Rarity Subtitle Cost Affiliation Ability Max Die
5 Common Finding Fitzroy 5 Prevent all damage dealt to Bishop from character dice. 4
45 Uncommon Back From the Future 5 While Bishop is attacking, after character dice are assigned to block, you may swap those blockers as desired before combat damage is dealt. (Attacking character die must have the same number of blockers after you swap.) 4
85 Rare Butterfly Effect 5 While Bishop is active, prevent all non-combat damage dealt to you. 4


Artist: Ariel Olivetti Ron Garney, Danny Miki, Scott Hanna, Marte Gracia, Israel Gonzalez, Wil Quintana
Source: X-Men: The Life and Times of Lucas Bishop (Vol 2009) #3[1] Uncanny X-Force (Vol 2013) #2[2]


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