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Die Stats: 166 177 288

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(source DC wikia)
Profile: In the event Blackest Night, Nekron, the Guardian of Death, resurrected Bruce Wayne, who released a swarm of Black Lantern Rings which attached themselves to heroes who have died and were resurrected, making Wonder Woman a Black Lantern. When each of the Corps were recruiting a deputy member for 24 hours, a Star Sapphire ring attached itself to Wonder Woman and expelled the Black ring from her, not only resurrecting her, but turning her into a Star Sapphire Corps member.

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Die Stats: 166 177 288
# Rarity Subtitle Cost Affiliation Ability Max Die
142 Super Rare Undead Warrior 7 When fielded, KO all Wonder Woman Dice. At the beginning of each player's turn, that player chooses a fielded non- character and moves it to the Used Pile. If they cannot, they lose 2 life 1


Artist: Ivan Reis, Oclair Albert, Alex Sinclair
Source: Blackest Night (Vol 2009) #5[1]


  1. ^ Blackest Night Vol 2009 #5. DC Database Wikia. Retrieved 5 October 2016.

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