Energy Type:


Die Stats: 131 142 253

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Armor Class: ??
Hit Points: ??
Speed: ?? ft., fly ??ft.
?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??

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[top]Faerūn Under Siege

Die Stats: 131 142 253
# Rarity Subtitle Cost Affiliation Ability Max Die
41 Common Lesser Humanoid 4 While Bugbear Ambusher is active, when one or more Bugbear Ambusher dice block, KO target opposing character die with the lowest defense (you break all ties). 4
80 Uncommon Greater Humanoid 5 If a Bugbear Ambusher die is in the Prep Area or Used Pile, when an opponent declares an attack you may pay to move it to the Field Zone at Level 2. Return it to its original location at the end of the Attack Step. 4
136 Super Rare Epic Humanoid 4 While Bugbear Ambusher is active, when an opposing character die is fielded, you may reroll a Bugbear Ambusher die. If it rolls a character face, deal damage equal to its A to the fielded character die. Otherwise, put that Bugbear Ambusher die in the Used Pile. 4


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