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Die Stats: 014 016 136

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(source Marvel)
Real Name: Tyrone Johnson
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 155 lb.
Powers: Cloak's body is a portal to the "Darkforce Dimension," a world of strange ebony energy. Cloak is linked to a pocket realm of that dimension dominated by the Predator, which compels Cloak to absorb the life forces of other beings; but Dagger's light can temporarily satisfy this craving. Cloak can channel Glossary:D#Darkforce, Darkforce to create a field of darkness in his general vicinity, usually using his cloak as a focal point to manipulate this darkness, though it can spread well beyond the confines of his cloak. People enveloped by Cloak's darkness feel numbing cold and crippling fear, sometimes seeing disturbing visions. Overlong exposure to the darkness can drive people insane. Dagger's light renders her largely immune to Cloak's darkness, and she can extend her light to protect others within Cloak's darkness if need be. Unprotected victims trapped in Cloak's dark realm are gradually drained of their life force, and presumably die unless Cloak releases them. Cloak can "teleport" by entering the Darkforce dimension, moving a short distance within it and emerging back on Earth a great distance from his point of origin. A span of miles on Earth can be traversed in only a few steps via shortcuts through the Darkforce. Cloak can "teleport" other persons or objects along with himself in this fashion, too, a feat usually reserved for Dagger since most beings cannot safely traverse the Darkforce. As Cloak, Tyrone is usually intangible, though he can solidify through an act of will, or by absorbing enough "light" to saturate his form temporarily. On the rare occasions when he resumes human form, he usually reverts to his old stutter, which vanishes when he becomes Cloak. Tyrone also seems to be physically stronger as Cloak. Tyrone's link to the Darkforce has been severed on several occasions, but he seems drawn to the darkness and vice versa, and he always regains his Cloak form eventually.

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Die Stats: 014 016 136
# Rarity Subtitle Cost Affiliation Ability Max Die
42 Common Tyrone Johnson 5 Underdog - (You may use this effect when your opponent has more character dice in their Field Zone than you do.) Cloak and Dagger get +2A and Overcrush. 4
81 Uncommon Secret Defender 5 Underdog - If Cloak or Dagger is blocked, prevent all damage to them until end of turn. 4
112 Rare Darkforce Dimension 5 When Cloak is targeted by an action die or character ability, you may have it also target Dagger. 4


Artist: Jae Lee, June Chung
Source: Dark X-Men: The Beginning (Vol 2009) #2[1]


  1. ^ Dark X-Men: The Beginning Vol 2009 #1. Marvel Database Wikia. Retrieved 27 October 2016.

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