Energy Types:


Die Stats: 133 244 266 (JL); 144 255 377 (GATF)

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Die Stats: 133 244 266
# Rarity Subtitle Cost Affiliation Ability Max Die
7 Starter Slade Wilson 4 Regenerate - Reroll when knocked out. 4
8 Starter The Terminator 5 If Deathstroke is KO'd, draw a die. If it is a Villain, add it to your Prep Area and return Deathstroke to the field at the same level (this doesn't count as fielding Deathstroke). Otherwise, return the die to your bag. 4
9 Starter Villain for Hire 5 * If Deathstroke is KO'd during attacking or blocking, return him to the Field Zone at level 1. 4
50 Common Weapons Master 5 When Deathstroke is fielded, deal 1 damage to opposing player for each Villain you control. 4

[top]Green Arrow and The Flash

Die Stats: 144 255 377
# Rarity Subtitle Cost Affiliation Ability Max Die
12 Common Guerilla Warfare 6 While Deathstroke is active, when you field a or character die, Deathstroke gets +1A and +1D (+2A and +2D if the character is a and )(until end of turn). 4
93 Uncommon High Price 6 Crosspulse - When you purchase this die, KO all opposing Sidekick dice. (You can only use a Crosspulse ability if you paid this character's purchase cost using only their energy types.) 4
91 Rare Lt. Colonel 5 Synergy - While Deathstroke is active, during your turn, whenever you could use a Global Ability, you may pay to search your bag for an action die and roll it. (The rolled die goes to your Reserve Pool.) (Synergy abilities can be used while the character is active, any time you could use a Global Ability.) 4


Artist: Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferreira Shane Davis
Source: Teen Titans (Vol 2011) #23.2[1] Batman (Vol 1940) #646[2]


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  2. ^ Batman Vol 1940 #646. DC Database Wikia. Retrieved 1 October 2016.

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