Energy Type:


Die Stats: 014 025 136

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Armor Class: ??
Hit Points: ??
Speed: ?? ft., fly ??ft.
?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??

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[top]Faerūn Under Siege

Die Stats: 014 025 136
# Rarity Subtitle Cost Affiliation Ability Max Die
44 Common Lesser Monstrosity 3 While Displacer Beast is active, if an opponent's Global or character ability targets this character, Displacer Beast deals 2 damage to that opponent. 4
82 Uncommon Greater Monstrosity 4 When Displacer Beast blocks, you may add target opposing character die to the attack and block that character die with one of your character dice. 4
112 Rare Paragon Monstrosity 4 When Displacer Beast attacks, you can swap it with another attacker after all blockers are declared (before damage is dealt). 4


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