While active, if you knocked out an opposing Monster (that is, a character with the black Monster allegiance banner) during your turn, place one experience token on this card at the end of your turn (use a coin or glass bead). Each experience token provides this card’s dice with +1A and +1D at all levels. A card cannot get more than one experience token per turn. However, several different cards (each with the Experience ability) can each get an experience token when only a single opposing monster is knocked out. Monsters knocked out during your opponent’s turn do not provide experience tokens. Knocking out NPCs and other adventurers likewise does not provide experience tokens; only knocking out monsters. If your opponent voluntarily sacrifices a creature to power one of his own effects, that also provides no experience.


  • The "you" in the experience mechanic description refers to you as the player.
  • Adventurers are characters with the Experience ability.
  • Minsc and Boo: "Go for the Eyes, Boo!" is not an adventurer despite gaining experience tokens.[1]
  • If multiple different character dice with Experience are active when a monster is KO'd, they each gain an Experience token for "watching" the KO. For example, if Elf Wizard and Human Paladin are both in play when you KO an opponent's Zombie with Magic Missile, and both are still in play at the end of the turn, they'll both get an Experience token.
  • Experience tokens are not removed from a character card even if all of its dice are KO'd or sent to the Used Pile. Tokens are only removed when a game effect specifically says so.
  • If a character with Experience goes through unblocked or is knocked out, it is not active at the end of the turn and would not gain an Experience token for any monster KO'd.[2]

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