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Die Stats: 111 122 244

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Real Name: Remy Etienne LeBeau
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 179 lbs
Powers: Gambit has the mutant ability to tap into the potential energy contained within an object and transform it into kinetic energy upon touching it. When Gambit thus charges an object and throws it at a target, the object releases this energy explosively on impact. Gambit was unable to use this power to charge living objects until Sage restored his vision and powers, allowing him to now charge both living and non-living objects.
Abilities Gambit is bilingual in English and French, and also possesses the ability to throw small objects - including knives, throwing spikes, and playing cards - with extraordinary accuracy. He is also a skilled duelist and fencer.

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[top]Avengers vs. X-Men

Die Stats: 111 122 244
# Rarity Subtitle Cost Affiliation Ability Max Die
43 Common Ace in the Hole 3 When fielded, you may draw and roll one die (place it in your reserve pool).
Instead draw 2 dice, roll one of them and return the other to your bag.
74 Uncommon Le Diable Blanc 5 When fielded, draw and roll 2 dice. Field characters rolled on those dice for free; place the rest in your used pile.
Instead draw 3 dice, choose two to roll and return the other to your bag.
107 Rare Cardsharp 5 When fielded, you may draw and roll one die. If you roll a character side, that character deals damage equal to its attack to your opponent and goes to your used pile (otherwise, the die goes to your reserve pool). 4


Avengers vs. X-Men
Artist: David Yardin
Source: X-Men Origins: Gambit (Vol 1) #1[1]


  1. ^ X-Men Origins: Gambit Vol 1 1 Marvel Database wikia. Retrieved 8-7-2015.

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