Energy Types:


Die Stats: 141 152 165 (JL); 151 162 273 (GATF)

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Die Stats: 141 152 165
# Rarity Subtitle Cost Affiliation Ability Max Die
10 Starter Oliver Queen 4 When fielded, Green Arrow deals 2 damage to each of up to two target characters. 4
11 Starter The Battling Bowman 4 When fielded, spin an opposing character down 1 level (if possible). 4
12 Starter The Emerald Archer 5 When Green Arrow attacks, deal 1 damage to your opponent for each opposing character with the Villain affiliation in play. 4
53 Common Former Mayor 4 When Green Arrow is fielded, deal damage equal to twice Green Arrow's level to target character. 4

[top]Green Arrow and The Flash

Die Stats: 151 162 273
# Rarity Subtitle Cost Affiliation Ability Max Die
19 Common Robin Hood 5 Synergy - While Green Arrow is active, when an opposing action die targets one of your character dice, you may pay to choose a new target. (Synergy abilities can be used while the character is active, any time you could use a Global Ability.) 4
59 Uncommon Ollie 5 While Green Arrow is active, when you field a or character die, Green Arrow gets +2D (if the character is a and he gets +4D instead)(until end of turn). 4
118 Super Rare Star City Savior 6 Crosspulse - When you purchase this die, deal 2 damage to all opposing character dice. (You can only use a Crosspulse ability if you paid this character's purchase cost using only their energy types.) 4
[top]Organized Play
# Rarity Subtitle Cost Affiliation Ability Max Die
DC2016#11 Organized Play Archery Advocate 6 When Green Arrow attacks, you may pay to give him and target character die Fast (until end of turn). 3



Artist: Dave Wilkins
Source: Green Arrow (Vol 2011) #1[1]


  1. ^ Green Arrow Vol 2011 #1. Retrieved 1 Aug 2015.

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