Energy Types:

Affiliations: No Affiliation

Die Stats: 165 277 388 (AVX); 146 267 388 (AOU, DFR); 157 268 379 (ASM); 166 177 188 (GTG)

[top]Character Bio

Profile: Caught in a gamma bomb explosion while trying to save the life of a teenager, Dr. Bruce Banner was transformed into the incredibly powerful creature called the Hulk. An all too often misunderstood hero, the angrier the Hulk gets, the stronger the Hulk gets.
Real Name: Robert Bruce Banner
Height: 5' 9½" (Banner); 7' – 8' (Hulk)
Weight: 128 lbs. (Banner); 1,040 – 1,400 lbs.(Hulk)
Powers: The Hulk possesses an incredible level of superhuman physical ability. His capacity for physical strength is potentially limitless due to the fact that the Hulk's strength increases proportionally with his level of great emotional stress, anger in particular. The Hulk uses his superhumanly strong leg muscles to leap great distances. The Hulk has been known to cover hundreds of miles in a single bound and once leaped almost into orbit around the Earth. The Hulk can also use his superhumanly leg muscles to run at super speeds, although his legs have limitless strength he does not have limitless speed and once he reaches a certain speed his legs become too strong and destroy the ground giving him no friction to run on, therefore he jumps to travel. The Hulk can slam his hands together creating a shock wave, this shock wave can deafen people, send objects flying and extinguish fires. His thunderclap has been compared to hurricanes and sonic booms. The Hulk has shown a high resistance to physical damage nearly regardless of the cause, and has also shown resistance to extreme temperatures, mind control, nuclear explosions, poisons, and all diseases. In addition to the regeneration of limbs, vital organs, and damaged or destroyed areas of tissue at an amazing rate. The Hulk also has superhuman endurance.The Hulk's body also has a gland that makes an "oxygenated per fluorocarbon emulsion", which creates pressure in the Hulk's lungs and effectively lets him breathe underwater and move quickly between varying depths without concerns about decompression or nitrogen narcosis.
Abilities Dr. Bruce Banner is a genius in nuclear physics, possessing a mind so brilliant that it cannot be measured on any known intelligence test. When Banner is the Hulk, Banner's consciousness is buried within the Hulk's, and can influence the Hulk's behavior only to a very limited extent.

[top]Character Cards

[top]Avengers vs. X-Men

Die Stats: 165 277 388
# Rarity Subtitle Cost Affiliation Ability Max Die
7 Starter Anger Issues 7 While Hulk is active, when either you or Hulk takes damage, Hulk gets +2A and +2D (until the end of the turn).
Hulk gets +3A and +3D instead.
8 Starter Annihilator 6 While Hulk is active, when either you or Hulk takes damage, move all Hulk dice from your used pile to your prep area. 4
9 Starter Jade Giant 6 While Hulk is active, when either you or Hulk takes damage, knock out one of your opponent's level 1 characters.
Instead knock out one opposing character of any level.
77 Uncommon Green Goliath 6 While Hulk is active, whenever either you or Hulk takes damage, Hulk deals 2 damage to each opposing character (no matter how many Hulks are fielded).
He deals 3 damage instead.

[top]Age of Ultron

Die Stats: 146 267 388
# Rarity Subtitle Cost Affiliation Ability Max Die
10 Starter Smash! 5 Hulk can only attack alone. 4
11 Starter Bruce Banner 6 Teamwatch - When you field a character who shares an affiliation with Hulk, Hulk gains Overcrush until end of turn. 4
12 Starter Big Green Bruiser 7 Overcrush
If Hulk attacks and is not blocked, spin him down one level. If you do, he does not move to the Use Pile.
48 Common Gamma Powered 7 Overcrush
If level 2 or level 3 Hulk attacks and deals damage, return him to the field as level 1.

[top]The Amazing Spider-Man

Die Stats: 157 268 379
# Rarity Subtitle Cost Affiliation Ability Max Die
55 Common Planet Hulk 7 - Aftershock - Both players sacrifice all of their Sidekicks. 4
92 Uncommon Back from Outer Space 7 - Aftershock - Each player must sacrifice another character (if able). 4
136 Super Rare Warbound 8 - Aftershock - All players move all dice from their Prep Area to their Used Pile. 4

[top]Defenders Team Pack

Die Stats: 146 267 388
# Rarity Subtitle Cost Affiliation Ability Max Die
10 Team Pack Banner's Not Home 7 Whenever Hulk is dealt combat damage, deal damage equal to his A to another target opposing character die. 4
11 Team Pack Emerald Dawn 7 When Hulk attacks, you may pay . If you do, Hulk cannot be blocked by fewer than two character die. 4
12 Team Pack All the Rage 7 While Hulk is active, whenever one of your character die is KO'd, deal 1 damage to your opponent. 4

[top]Guardians of the Galaxy

Die Stats: 166 177 188
# Rarity Subtitle Cost Affiliation Ability Max Die
16 Common Calculated Devastation 6 (No Ability Text) 4
56 Uncommon Emerald Dawn 7 When one of your character dice is KO'd, spin Hulk up 1 level. When Hulk attacks, you may spin him down 1 level. If you do, he deals 2 damage to each opposing character die. 4
94 Rare Green Titan 7 Overcrush
When Hulk uses Overcrush, Hulk may deal the additional damage to target opposing character die instead of your opponent.


Artist: Mark Bagley Alex Ross Paul Pelletier, Frank D'Armata, Danny Miki
Source: Avengers Assemble (Vol 1992) #6[1] Savage Hulk (Vol 2014) #1[2] Incredible Hulk (Vol 1962) #610, Pages 22-23[3]
Artist: Brandon Peterson Jerome Opeña, Dustin Weaver, Justin Ponsor Andrea Divito, Laura Villari
Source: Incredible Hulk #2[4] Infinity (Vol 2013) #5[5] Avengers: Operation Hydra (Vol 2015) #1[6]


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