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Die Stats: 021 132 133

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Die Stats: 021 132 133
# Rarity Subtitle Cost Affiliation Ability Max Die
56 Common Keeper of the Book of Parallax 2 While Lyssa Drak is active, at the start of your Attack Step, name a character. If at least one of those character dice blocks, you may move two dice from your opponent's Used Pile to their bag. 4
89 Uncommon Future Sight 3 While Lyssa Drak is active, at the beginning of your opponent's turn, name a character. Your opponent must pay 2 life ti field that character die. 4
120 Rare Fear of the Unknown 3 When Lyssa Drak attacks, you may draw a die from your opponent's bag and swap it with a die from the Used Pile or return it to the bag. 4


Artist: Ethan Van Sciver
Source: Green Lantern (Vol 4) #22[1]


  1. ^ Green Lantern Vol 4 #22. DC Database Wikia. Retrieved 9 August 2015.

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