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# Rarity Subtitle Cost Affiliation Alignment Ability Max Die
61 Common Lesser Gear 2
Equip (attach to a character with ). Equipped character can only be blocked by two or more characters. 4
93 Uncommon Greater Gear 2
Equip (attach to a character with ). This equipped character cannot be affected by your opponent's action dice or character abilities. 4
121 Rare Paragon Gear 3
Equip (attach to a character with ). This equipped character takes no damage during the attack step. 4


  • The bonus from equipment such as Magic Helmet does not stack. The equipment checks a condition: is it equipped to the character? If yes, the bonus is applied (similar to how characters with a While ____ is active... effect work). You could have two Magic Helmets, equipped to different character dice, giving them each the bonus, or two on the same character, delivering the bonus once (perhaps you're afraid they'll lose a helmet somehow).[1]


  1. ^ Magic Sword, D&D, Equip multiple copies. Wizkids Rules Forum. Retrieved 6-19-2015

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